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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2016 North Shore Horse Rescue & Sanctuary Annual Appeal

Please Support Us!

Loss of two in a week

Hi all

I have been quiet for a couple of weeks with sad occurrences in my life it was hard to get motivated to write.

Our dog Griffin, who was a part of our family for 10 years had to be put down due to a myriad of illnesses that were just too much to overcome. It cost us thousands of dollars to try and save him. But it did not happen.
I still wait for his bark and company when I am preparing a meal. I sometimes think that I see him from the corner of my eye. Our other dog Wolfie is still in mourning. He sits and stares at the front door crying.

A week to the day we lost our Mayor of the rescue. Mac, a Belgian Draft Horse finally lost his battle with cancer. He lived an additional 2 1/2 years thanks to the Chinese Medications given to him by Dr. Wen.

I arrived at the farm on Saturday morning and the gate was closed. There was a sign on the gate that read "Closed due to a death in the family". A thousand thoughts ran through my mind. Who could have passed? A parent? A sibling or inlaw?

I drove around to the driveway entrance and parked. I could see several people in the barn and others working in the first paddock. As I approached the barn I saw fellow volunteer Nicole Hammel standing in the doorway. I mouthed the question, "What happened?" and she motioned me inside.
I immediately saw Laurel sitting on a tack box, eyes swollen, and obviously very sad.

Then I heard the words, "Mack passed this morning."  I felt like I was hit with a sledge hammer. I could not hold back the tears. How could this have happened? He seemed fine the night before when I fed him. Once again life's culmination had occurred.
"He went his way" to quote Louise Abitbol. And yes he did. With dignity and strength to the end.
And somehow the other horses knew.................................................

Mac is buried on the farm. He is amongst his herd watching over them along with Neptune, the protector of horses.

In my next post I will post the 2016 Annual Appeal Letter the subject of which is Mack and ways to support his memory and the other horses.

Until then I remain


Sir's Human

Sunday, November 27, 2016

A few ways to give

Hi everyone

I hope that you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving!
And in the spirit of the season we are asking that you consider #Giving  on this Tuesday.

North Shore Horse Rescue needs your help. Tuesday is #GivingTuesday and a chance for people to give back to their community through non profits and other charities.

As you may know NSHR  is a 501 (c)3 Not for profit and we rely 100% on donations and volunteers. Without the donations of the public the care of the rescued horses would not be possible.
There are several horses that require medications. The total for this per month is very high. Over $1,000.00. The cost to feed each horse is in the neighborhood of 3 to 4 hundred dollars per month.
Just hay alone runs around $4,000.00 per month for the entire farm. Then there are supplements, and grains,etc.that cost the Rescue well over a thousand dollars per month. It is estimated that the cost per horse is around $17,000.00 per year. That includes the entire expense at the Rescue. ie; Rent, utilities,feed, veterinary care, farrier, medications, maintenance etc.
And somehow we get it done. But again, we cannot get it done without the generosity of you and others!

Please visit our site and click the donate button. We also have a facebook event page Facebook event page where you can donate as well.

If donating $5.00, $10.00, or $20.00 dollars is not your thing then consider buying your holiday gifts and other items on Amazon Smile.
It costs you nothing and you are helping us at the same time. Simply choose North Shore Horse Rescue as your charity.

Remember any amount can help us.
Thanks for all you do!


Sir's Human

#GivingTuesday #CyberMonday #Horses #Rescue

Friday, November 11, 2016

Coming Soon....Giving Tuesday

Hi everyone

Sir is doing fantastic! He has gained weight, is eating, and just seems to be in generally good spirits.
With the time change and the change in my hours at work it's hard to see him during the week. So weekends are it. If I could retire I would be with him everyday.

As most of you may know the 29th of November is #GivingTuesday.

"Giving Tuesday, often stylized as #GivingTuesday for purposes of hook activism, refers to the Tuesday after U.S. Thanksgiving in the United States. It is a movement to create an international day of giving at the beginning of the Christmas and holiday season."

We will be starting our campaign to raise funds for the rescue. Please watch for it on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram....and of course here ;<)

Until next time 


Sir's Human

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Yard sale continued

Hi everyone

As I reported on the North Shore Horse Rescue's Facebook page the yard sale went well.
Over the two weekends we raised over $3800.00. We could not have done that without all of you who came by and purchased stuff, donated money and items, and the Volunteers who worked their tails off to manned the sale and fed the horses behind the scenes.

We missed Sue our Volunteer Coordinator who was always a staple at this and other events. But she has moved off the island and supports us in other ways.
It seems that at every yard sale someone donates ladies hats. And somehow one of these hats finds it's way atop Sue's head. So this year we all donned hats in honor of Sue!

From Left to Right
Nicole, Me, Elizabeth, Gina, Ashley, Laurel

We are all one big happy family at the rescue. We always have a fun time at these events and during the chores we do on Nomal  regular days.

Sir is doing great! He is eating and gaining weight and is so interactive!
Dr. Wen gave him an examination and reported that he is doing good. I breathe a sigh of relief upon hearing that news.

Thanks for following Sir and I here on the Blog. If you have any questions or have something specific that you would like me to write about drop me a line

That's it for now!

Until Next Time!

Sir's Human

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This past weekend's YARD SALE

Hi all

Well the Yard sale went well considering the forecast for the weekend.
Saturday was a roller coaster as far as the decision to do it or cancel it.
Ultimately the decision was made to roll the dice and see what would happen.

It was the right decision! We were able to get 4-5 hours of sales in before the rain came. And we did well in that short timeframe.
I did a Facebook Live video with Elizabeth and couldn't find the stop button so it ran over. lol But it was still fun. Elizabeth missed her calling as a news reporter foir sure ;<)
We covered everything up just as the rain showers started and retired to the barn to bring the horses in, feed, etc.
We had fun joking and laughing as usual, What a great group of volunteers! I am proud to call them friends and to volunteer with them.

Sir was awesome. The center of attention in the front stall. He is so much fun to interact with.
He is spoiled to no end and its well deserved!

Sunday as you locals know was a complete wash out. But we resumed on Monday Columbus day. It started out slow, but then people came in droves. We did really good that day too.
We had to close down a little earlier than we wanted to but we were short handed and needed to get the evening feeding done. And people were still stopping!

My Wife Lynn and Grandson Jack came by and hung out for awhile. Jackie was feeding the horses apples and was so proud that he fed two big horses and the minis too! They truly made my day!

If the weather holds this weekend we will do it again.
Hope to see you there!


Sir's Human

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sir on the mend

Hi all

I went to the barn yesterday and could not believe my eyes.
Sir was in the barn on cross ties with his butt facing me. I wasn't sure it was him at first.
His ribs were not as pronounced as they were and his hips were filling in. He was gaining weight!!!
It seems like the meds that Dr. Wen prescribed are working.

He has an awesome appetite and is alert and interactive. His coat feels good too. There is no longer an oily feel to it. All in all he looks good and seems to be on the mend.That of course makes me happy!
Thanks for all of your prayers and support!

If you are in the neighborhood this coming weekend, 10/8 &10/9, stop by the farm for our fund raising yard sale. There will be lots of new items as well as saddles and various tack items. Of course all proceeds go to the care of the rescued horses.

And don't forget about the Paint Night fund raising event that is coming up on October 12th at Joe's Garage and Grill in Riverhead.

The rescue depends on volunteers,donations, and fund raisers for it's survival.

Sir and I hope to see you there!


Sir's Human

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Latest on Sir

Hi Sir's Friends

I did away with my usual opening  "Sir's Minions" after my wife suggested that I look up the definition. So I did and after reading the definition I realized that some may take offense to the label though I meant no harm.

So,  I went to the barn after work last Thursday I believe. Ther traffic was heavier than usual, I wanted to get there before 6 but the traffic caused me to arrive at 6:30.
Doctor Wen was already there and I could see Sir on the cross ties as I got out of my car.
I could tell by Sir's posture that he was not happy. His head was down, ears back and front legs slightly spread.

I walked into the barn and was greeted by Dr. Wen, Laurel, and Tommy. Beth gave me a quick hello and wave from the other end of the barn where she was busy grooming her horse Lakota,
It was right about then that Sir realized that I was standing in front of him.
He raised his head and his ears went up and he began nudging me with his nose. The usual greeting that I get. He rubbed his head on my chest and placed his chin on my shoulder. It seemed like he was saying "I am so glad that you are here!" LOL (That's my story and I am sticking to it)

Dr. Wen finished his examination and told us that he felt the loss of appetite, weight loss, bad coat, etc. was a result of kidney disease that was brought on from the infection that Sir had a few weeks ago. (I think I wrote about that) He prescribed some of his Chinese Herbal medication and said that he felt the kidney problem was reversable.
We should see an improvement in roughly 2-3 weeks and he will remain on the meds for several months.
Laurel and I breathe a collective sigh of relief.
Once we get this healed we can concentrate on his other issues.

I took him off the cross ties and walked him to the back towards his paddock. I let him graze a while and talked to him as usual. When I placed him in his paddock he turned and walked up to the gate where I stood. I had my chin resting on my arm. He gently placed his head to my forehead and stared into my eyes. He had never done that before. It was a wonderful emotional feeling. I kept talking to him and he stayed there. I felt like he was saying "Don't ever leave me. I thought that you had left me"
Please don't send the men in the white coats for me yet. :<)
But is was as real as if someoine was whispering it in my ear.

I reassured him that I was not going anywhere, that I would not walk away from him....EVER!

He helped me, now I will help him!

Again...thanks for reading and following my Blog posts.
Please comment......

Until next time
I Remain......

Sir's Human

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Just stuff and this coming weekend

Hi Sir's Minions!

I spent some time with Sir last weekend. I had him with me and out grazing for almost two hours. He was pretty much done with it by the end LOL.
I was standing talking with someone and he was behind me just resting his big head on my shoulder as if he was listening to the conversation. I love when he does that!.
I will be hanging with him this coming weekend for sure. Both days.

One of our volunteers left for college this past Saturday. She was and is a hard worker and we will surely miss her! Erika and her Mom Elizabeth always worked hard and did whatever was asked of them and more! I would tease Erika and tell her that Uncle Frank was there for her.
I'm going to miss that kid...young lady!

This weekend we have a fund raiser event on Sunday 9/11. It will be hosted by Louise Abitbol.
Her description is below. Space is limited:

"A journey towards self awareness in the presence of the herd. Horses can help us commit to our spiritual development and motivate us towards seeing them, as well as ourselves without barriers or resistance which blocks our conscious awareness. "....the truest teaching is like a bird flying across the sky; it leaves no tracks that can be followed, yet the presence cannot be denied." Gangaji The horses presence cannot be denied. Following the gathering all are invited to share food and drink. Price of the event $50.00"

I am looking forward to this. The Heard in the Herd meditation last year was great and this will be better I am sure.

So I will leave you with that for now and will post again soon!

Until then

I remain

Sir's Human


Friday, August 26, 2016

Sir's health rollercoaster ride.

Hi again Sir's minions

I am up at Cranberry Lake again enjoying the quiet and fresh air.

I believe that in my last post I said something about possible good news about Sir.
At that time the Vet who performed the surgery thought that it might not be cancer, but instead a tick related illness.
Apparently after some research he found that the two are very close under the microscope.
If that were the case antibiotics would cure it.
So more blood was taken and sent to the lab.

That whole week we waited in anticipation of the results. We felt very confident that the results would show it to be tick related.
The results came back and were negative for lymes disease,
To top it off Sir was having a reaction to the Chinese Herbs where his legs were swollen and he was drinking way more water than usual. They were stopped and the swelling went down.

However, he then was bitten by an insect or rubbed on something and got an infection. More swelling in his chest and front legs. That and a rub sore on his front leg caused by the fly wraps.
This poor guy couldn't catch a break.
Thank God for Laurel though. She is always so observat and spots any abnormality with the horses.

The Vet came out and located the cause of the infection. A very small cut that was barely noticeable.
He started him on antibiotics. Additionally, he diagnosed Sir with Atrial Fibrillation. Something that I am very familiar with as I have it too. Less a leaky valve.
Sir has a leaky valve which disrupts the blood flow. It causes a backflow in layman's terms.

So the diagnosis is to not work him or ride him. Once he gets past the other stuff there is a procedure available that can correct the A Fib and leaky valve.
Other than that no one really knows what Sir has.

Laurel's niece Dr, Rooney put it best; (I'm paraphrasing) "If it were my horse I would monitor the situation. Keep an eye on his lymph glands.etc."

In other words, he is pooping, peeing, eating, and drinking. He is alert and very interactive...more than I have known him to be since I met him over a year ago, So why bombard him with drugs before we know exactly what he has....if he has anything at this point.

Please rest assured that Sir will be closely monitored and well taken care of. He currently has the first stall in the barn, the one right next to the kitchen where the buckets are made up. He is constantly knocking things over and getting treats and extra grain. He is being spoiled to say the least! LOL

I can't wait to go see him when I return. Laurel and my friends at the barn have been keeping me updated during this week with pictures and text messages.
But it's not the same as being with him.

Looking better than ever!

Until next time.......


Sir's Human

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Upcoming Fund Raising Events

Hi Sir's Minions

We have some really nice fund raising events coming up soon.

First one up is the Annual Labor Day Yard Sale!!

This will be held on September 3rd and 4th at the farm:
2330 Sound Ave
Baiting Hollow NY 11933

Please donate any unwanted lightly used items. You are who makes these yard sales successful!
Thanks for the support!

Next up is an event that is sure to draw a lot of attention!

PAINT NIGHT at Joe's Garage & Grill in Riverhead

Visit for directions.

To purchase tickets to this event visit
Seating is limited so purchase your tickets soon!

Proceeds from this event will go to support the North Shore Horse Rescue.

This should be a fun night..cocktails, painting, laughs, and friends!

Hope to see you there!

Lastly, the Comedy Night at Governors is in the planning stages. Once a date has been secured I will let you know.

Please try and support the rescue through any or all of these fund raising events!


Until next time........

I Remain


Sir's Human

Friday, August 12, 2016

Another Comedy Club fund raiser event coming soon!

Hi all

For those of you who attended the last Comedy Club fund raiser at Governors you already know what a great time we all had.
The comedians were great and I laughed so hard that my sides hurt!

If you missed that one have no fear because Elizabeth is planning another one for the near future!

Check back for updates.

Sir is doing well.....we are still waiting for the latest blood test results. As soon as I know you will know!!

Until next time


Sir's Human

Monday, August 8, 2016

Wellness Day at the rescue

Hi Folks

I hope that all of you are doing well and enjoying your summer!

I was out at the barn Friday night for a bit after work and hung with Sir for a while and shot the breeze with Louise and Laurel.
Apparently the Chinese herb medicine was not agreeing with Sir and his legs were swollen again.He was retaining water so Dr. Wen told Laurel to stop the meds.Which she pretty much had figured out anyway. So she did and he began improving.

(Additionally there may be some good news for Sir coming in the next week or so. But like my superstitious Italian Mother would say, " Don't jinx it" I won't! LOL)

I arrived at the barn Saturday morning a bit later than I had wanted to, I was held up by the wait in the bagel store. But it was worth it. I arrived toting the bagels and box of joe, etc.
Sir was in his stall being spoiled by Laurel as she prepared the feed buckets. Tom was filling water troughs. Julie was helping Laurel. everyone was busy.

I jumped on the gator and proceeded to feed the horses. It never ceases to amaze me how the horses see you coming and go right to where they normally eat.Some of them even chastise you if you are taking your time. Danny is good for that. He grunts and snorts and taps the ground with his hoof. LOL

Elizabeth and her daughter Erica arrived and jumped in to help as usual with grooming and mucking, and whatever else needed attention.

Laurel's niece Cait, or should I say Dr. Cait Rooney DVM, arrived. She recently graduated and is licensed to practice Veterinary medicine. She went right to work.
She took blood from Sir, floated the teeth of Cisco and Copper, gave varioius horses their shots, treated Cisco's tick bite, and treated Tate's eye. I helped her and Laurel float the teeth....all I did was hold the contraption that held their heads up. LOL But I was allowed to stick my hand into Cisco's mouth to feel the hooks on his teeth. Very cool!
I enjoyed helping her. It was something new and different.

I ended the day by helping with the feed buckets. The heat and humidity had it's effect on all of us.

Sir is like a different horse. He is much more animated and is literally eating like a horse times 10 LOL
He seems content and interested in everything around  him....he loves the interaction that he gets in the front stall.

I will keep you updated on his condition.

Until next time.......


Sir's Human

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Biopsy Results are in

Hi Sir Minions

As promised here is an update.

Before I go any further I am requesting that we all maintain a positive outlook.

Laurel received the biopsy results the other day from the Vet in Connecticut. He was perplexed with the results. He said that he had never seen this in horses in his entire career.
Sir has a rare type of Lymphoma called Mixed Cutaneous Lymphoma. Have any of you heard of this before? If so, what was the treatment? Results?

Dr. Wen, our local Vet came out on Tuesday and read the report as well as examined Sir. He said that he too has not seen this type of cancer in horses. He said that in dogs and cats there is a 70% success rate. There is no data in horses.
To treat this with Chemo would cost me my house. (his words)
He prescribed a concoction of Chinese herbs that Sir will take 2 times a day. He will be re-examined in two months.

I have to say that I have a good feeling about this. I just know that he will be okay. Laurel feels the same.
I mean, how could he not be? He has so many people that love him. People that will send prayers, healing energy, positive  thoughts, positive visualization, etc.

Hi medication will cost just over $200.00 per month. If anyone wants to help me and us with that it would be welcomed for sure. If all you can or want to do is any of the above that is fine too!

If you have any feed back on this type of lymphoma please post it here or send me an email to

Positive thoughts! They work!

Will update you again soon.......

Thursday, July 28, 2016

New Update coming .....I promise

Hi Sir's Minions ;)

I have been away on a camping trip last week and this week I have been catching up at work.

I will post an update on Sir tomorrow or the next day.....

Please check back


Sir's Human

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sir's update and a heart felt thank you!

Hi Sir's followers!

First on behalf of Sir, myself, and the North Shore Horse Rescue & Sanctuary; I want to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for all of the support we received to reach our goal of having Sir’s surgery performed.
As many of you know, NSHRS is 501 ( c ) 3 not for profit organization. It depends 100% on donations and Volunteers to live up to it’s mission statement.
Unfortunately there are no“Big Corporate Sponsors” and very few repeat Donors.

The minimum feed cost per horse in NY is somewhere around $300.00- $350.00. Additionally there are costs for medical, shoeing, etc. So you can imagine the stress that is associated with an unforeseen medical situation.

When Laurel noticed the growths her first thought was that it was a hernia. After the Veterinarian examined him the diagnosis changed to tumors. When I heard those words a million thoughts raced through my brain. Besides the worst possible scenario the other pressing issue was; “How are we going to pay for this?”
That is when I kicked in to ‘Mission Mode”  J I am pleased that none of you that I know of deleted me from your Facebook friends list. LOL.  You all were patient and supportive as usual!

You helped me raise close to $2700.00 in a month! That is unbelievable! All of you made donations and shared my cause and it all culminated into enough money to pay for the surgery and any follow-up
Treatments that he may need!  And in addition, the prayers and well wishes, the healing energy that was sent our way truly helped! Thanks so much!

I arrived at the barn yesterday morning around 05:40. Sat in my car and waited for any sign of life coming from the house. Shortly after that I saw the parade of dogs. Britany, Jack, and then Otis. And then Laurel emerged.  I got out of my car and followed her to the truck and trailer. We chatted for a bit and the Julie arrived. Sir spotted me and immediately walked to the fence. It was like he was shocked to see me so early. LOL
I went into the paddock and was hanging with him. I talked to him as I was petting him, gave him a hug, and kissed his head. Then Laurel’s voice broke the silence and emotion of the moment; “Get a lead line and get him over here!” LOL, I snapped to as if my First Sargent was calling me to roll call.
I got the halter and walked him over to the barn. We brought him in and groomed him. Then it was time to get him onto the trailer. He was reluctant at first. Laurel in her patient way coaxed him continually. He stopped, smelled the trailer ramp, tapped it with his hoof, and then proceeded to get on the trailer!
Now we were on our way……..
I entered the address to the Fairfield Equine (located in Newton CT) and we were off.  We made fairly good time. The conversation was good and we had some laughs, but there was some kind of veil hanging there. The concern for Sir was obvious. And there he was in the trailer behind us, eating and enjoying the ride! We could see him through the front windows in the trailer, the wind blowing his mane and forelock! I could swear that I saw him shake his head a few times, like the models do for a photo shoot! LOL

The ride up was uneventful though at one point Google maps took us to a place called Surprise Lake. Yup what a surprise LOL… We turned around and were back on course in no time.
We arrived on time and they put Sir into a stall where they would draw blood and examine him.

He ate the hay that was provided and seemed frustrated with the fact that it was hanging in a hay bag and not easily accessible on the stall floor. Has Laurel spoiled him or what?!!??!?? Ha
A vet tech did a preliminary exam on him along with a lady from England who was doing a 2 week internship. They felt his neck and other parts of his massive body, listened to his heart and ran the stethoscope along different parts of his neck and sides.
I of course hung on every movement. Trying to read expressions and any urgent movement. But in the end all was good. The Vet himself came and examined Sir and spoke with Laurel. At one point it seemed like he was suggesting that we leave the tumors on Sir and monitor them for any growth or changes.
I’m not sure if he was just laying that out there as an option, or if Laurel’s body language showed that she was not going to agree. Those of you who know her know that when she is not in agreement her shoulders raise and she leans forward just slightly, and that “Are you fucking kidding me” look gets on her face. Well that is what possibly happened….I couldn’t see….I was behind her…..but I think that I did see a slight rise in her shoulders. ;)

They came and fetched him and we retired to a picnic bench in the shade and dined on the most fantastic sandwich that I ever had. Compliments of Laurel. And there were chips and ……….wait for it……..
RAINBOW COOKIES!!!!! Needless to say I was in a food coma afterwards.

After about an hour we went back to the stall and there was Sir. He came through with flying colors. The Vet believes that the growths are fatty tumors. He called the Sarcoids at first which are skin tumors. But after the surgery he suggested fatty tumors. We will see what they were in a week when we get the biopsy results back.

Sir was discharged and you could see that he was rearing to get home. He didn’t even hesitate getting on the trailer!  We received a warm send off from the staff, with Sir getting compliments and rave reviews on what a great horse he is, and how cooperative and calm. We were all proud of our boy!

You could feel the relief on the ride home. We laughed all the way. My sides were splitting. Sharing stories of our escapades during our youth. Stories about the barn, the horses, our friends, etc.

Aside from the good news about Sir, this really topped off an excellent trip.
We pulled into the entrance for the farm and I got out of the truck to open the gate. Sir began whinnying over and over, immediately his paddock mates starting doing the same. Bullet was running and jumping and shaking his head as he whinnied. Copper ran back and forth and called back to Sir. Janet, Mack, and Phoenix also joined in as well as Michael and Joseph! What an excellent welcome home for Sir. He was back in the herd that he loves and who loves him!
If only Humans could be the same!

Thank you all so much!

Sir's Human

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sir's Surgery update

Okay folks

So Friday's road trip to get the surgery done was a no go due to issues with the vehicle that was to pull the trailer.
I am a strong believer in things happen for a reason. Who knows what might have happened if we left on time?

We are going to go this Tuesday, They are going to freeze the tumors off with liquid nitrogen and then biopsy them.
I can't wait to get them off of him.

I spent a lot of time with him yesterday and Friday. I gave him a bath yesterday, It was like washing a truck! He is so big!
I love the way he greets me when I pull into the parking lot. His paddock is right there when you enter the farm. He gives me the stare down and watches my every move...almost willing me to come over to him LOL.

We have this bond.....I can't explain it. But those of you who own horses know exactly what I am referring to.

I will up date you all on Tuesday or Wednesday......

Thanks again for your caring and support!

Until next time......

I Remain


Sir's Human

Friday, June 24, 2016

Update on Sir

Hi everyone

I must begin by thanking those of you who have donated. So far we have raised $2,375.00.
Words cannot express our gratitude.
All donations are tax deductible and if you have an issue about donating on the internet you can donate via check as well. Just note that it's for Sir's Surgery and it will find it's way to the right place.

Sir is doing well. Laurel decided that we should wait to have the surgery done until after the 4th of July holiday. This way he won't be healing and stressing with the fireworks.
That is one smart lady ;<)

I can't wait to get those things off of him!! Just the the fact that they are foreign to his body disturbs me. But my gut is telling me that he will be okay! And I am sticking with my gut!!

Please pass the word onto to your friends and family. A $5.00 donation is all it takes. If you can give more please do.

Donate here

Until next time

I Remain

Sir's Human!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

So far so good!

Hi all,

Wow the response so far is mind boggling to say the least!
We have raised just over $1,000.00 so far. I cannot express in words the gratitude that I have for your generosity!.

Please spread the word by sharing the link for the fund raiser page.

The more people that know about it the better chance we will have of reaching our goal.
If anyone has issues with donating online you can send a check or money order to the North Shore Horse Rescue. Just put Sir's Surgery in the memo slot.
Make the check out to North Shore Horse Rescue so you can receive your tax deduction.
Mail to;

2330 Sound Ave
Baiting Hollow NY 11930

I went out to see Sir last night after work. He is his usual self.
 I want to post pics of the tumors either here or on the fundly site but am unsure if that would be wrong or not.

Thoughts????? Please feel free to comment.

I will keep you all posted as things progress......

Until next time


Sir's Human

Monday, June 13, 2016

Sir needs our help! Please

Hi All

My horse Sir has developed tumors and we are raising money for the surgery to have them removed and biopsied. 
Most of you know Sir and my story and you also know how much he means to me.

I was somewhat taken aback when the Veterinarian announced his diagnosis. Did I hear him correctly??!!!??? Did he say tumors??!!??? 
Holy shit!! My first reaction was borderline panic, then fear of losing another being that I love. The look on my face must have said it all because the Veterinarian made sure that he explained it to me again after he looked at one of Nicole's minis suffering from a sore back.
He explained that it would be a simple procedure and may take as little as 15 minutes with no hospital stay. On a positive note the tumors were not attached to any vital organs at present and appeared to be only attached to his skin.
However they must be removed and biopsied. If they are malignant he will need to be on Cancer meds for a year. But I am not going there!!!
Due to Sir's heart murmur he cannot be fully sedated. So this must be done in a hospital setting. I can promise you that I will be there for the surgery.

The estimated cost for the surgery is between $3,000.00 to $5,000.00. I have set up a fund to help defer the cost to the rescue. I of course will donate as much as I can for my boy! 
No donation is too small folks so please send what you can. It all adds up at the end.
The link for the fund is here Sir's surgery fund
All donations that go through this link will go through the North Shore Horse Rescue
and are tax deductible. It is preferred that donations are made through the page we set up at in order to keep the books straight.
I hope that you can find it in your heart to help. Even $1.00 each would help. If 100 people donated $30.00 each we would meet the $3000.00 with ease....

Donations aside....ALL prayers are welcome!
Please share this blog post, my FB page post, and donation page links with your friends and contacts.
I will keep you all updated as things progress.....
As always, thanks for reading ;) 

I humbly remain
Sir's Human

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Hello again fellow Sir followers!

Sir and I hope that you are all doing well and he asked that I tell you about this weekend's Yard Sale.
There will so much to offer....lot's of high end new merchandise as well as the usual fare that is generally at yard sales.

It will be held both Saturday and Sunday at the
North Shore Horse Rescue.
2330 Sound Ave
 Baiting Hollow, NY 11933

Some GPS mapping show it as Calverton. No worries; it's the same.

So come on out and browse our wares, visit the horses, and make a day of it!
All proceeds go to benefit of the rescued horses. 

If for some reason you can't make it out to the farm; please consider donating online.
Click here to donate

Sir, his buddies, and I look forward to seeing and meeting  you all this coming weekend!
May 28th & May 29th......

As always thanks for reading our blog.

Until next time......

I Remain


Sir's Human

Saturday, May 21, 2016

May 20 Viacom Employees volunteer! what a day!

Hi all

Spent yesterday, 5/20 at the farm helping with an event that was held.
Approximately 15 people from Viacom made the the trek from NYC to volunteer at the farm and to get a feel for what it's like to work with horses.

What a great group! After signing in they listened to a brief talk by Laurel and Sue.We brought Mack and Black into the wash stalls and Lucy off to the side and the grooming began! They did a great job. I believe that it was a woman named Danielle. She was tasked with cleaning Mack's butt! LOL She was a trooper and was quick to the task. She did an awesome job.
The others groomed and mucked and did all that they were asked to do. All with a smile.
Most of them expressed that they would come back to the barn to help out.

Did some grooming on Sir. He was giving me his usual "What about me" stare. So I brought him out of the paddock and brushed him. Most of the shedding of his winter coat is done. Picked his hooves and applied hoof conditioner and some Thrush Blaster to all four hooves.
It's such a pleasure when he lifts his feet for me automatically.

We turned Sir, Bullet, Copper out in the big grazing paddock for around 30 minutes. Bullet took off like a rocket and showed that he truly is a thoroughbred.

It was along day for sure. Pete and I went out to a diner for dinner then went to his house for coffee and cake, He made a big bag of his famous caramel popcorn for Lynn. That stuff is great!

When I got home and finally hit the pillow I slept like a rock!

Today we kind of took it easy at the barn. I gave Sir a full groom today while he was grazing.
He tugs at my heart when he follows me to the gate of  his paddock. He stands there and watches me as until I pull out of the gate.

Man I love that guy!!

Until next time.......

I remain


Sir's Human

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Has it been almost a month???

A Big Hello to ALL of my Readers!

I can't believe that it has been almost a month since my last post.
As you can imagine I have been busy at work, home, & at the rescue.

I have been spending more time with Sir this past month and I am happy to say that we are back to where we were as far as our bond.
And it feels great! Hopefully I will ride him soon.  One of my friends at the barn said that she will help me brush up on my riding technique and help with some ground work with Sir.
I am looking forward to that.

I took my friend Pete to have his hernia surgery done the other day. It turns out that he had a double hernia. Spent the day and part of the evening with him, He is doing well and seems to be healing quickly.

The ASPCA Help A Horse Day was held on Saturday April 23rd at the Rescue. The day started out with misty rain. And attendance in the first couple of hours was thin. However, after the rain ended the crowds grew. I was told that over 300 people attended the event. We had food vendors and an ice cream truck. There were many craft vendors that attended as well as three animal shelters; Kent Animal Shelter, Riverhead Animal Shelter, and South Hampton Animal Shelter as well.
WEHM DJ Anthony was there and gave away a multitude of prizes, including concert tickets!

There were several Equine Demonstrations throughout the day as well. Equine Massage, Horse Shoeing, a Tour of the Farm, as well as face painting, a live band, etc. There were information tables set up for various farm related activities, etc.

After finishing my shift at the sign in table I was doing what I enjoy best.....I was a "Floater". I walked and mingled with the crowd. Spoke to lots of people and vendors concerning the rescue and what we hope to accomplish.

I invite you to make a trip out to the rescue someday. Come see the horses and meet the awesome volunteers. Find out how the horses are used for helping Veterans with PTSD through our sister organization Heart2Heart.
Bring a picnic lunch and some carrots for the horses and just enjoy the surroundings and the day!

I Remain Humbly


Sir's Human!

P.S. Please comment on this or any other blog post. It will at least let me know that it's seen.
If you are having a problem commenting email me

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Getting back on track

Hi All .....and hi from Sir too ;<)

I went out to the farm last Saturday to drop off some cat food and to visit. The weather was more like February than April. Rain and cold. The wind was whipping.
I saw my pal Pete and Rosemarie. As well as Laurel, Tom, Sue, Marissa D.and Bill.

I had dinner over Pete's house the night before. Man he is some cook. He cuts no corners. It's a minimum of 3-4 course meal. He spares no expense. Aside from that, he is great company and a good friend. I really like listening to his stories. He is only 10 years older than I am, but when I get lost in his stories I feel so much younger.
Lynn and I plan on taking him to dinner soon....our treat LOL

I was happy to see Sir and he appeared to be happy to see me as well. (Aside from the weather).
I gave him some apples and carrots and he seemed pleased with the fact that his paddock mates left us to ourselves. He took his time eating and spending  time with me.

Without going into details, for the past month I have been pretty much MIA from the rescue. (My Choice)
Circumstances made me decide to stay away. In no way was this caused by Tom and Laurel.
But sometimes personalities clash or misunderstandings arise and you just have to separate yourself from it. So I did.
I hope that this rift can be mended soon. I miss my Friends and Cohorts! Our "A" Team is now a "No" Team. But I truly believe that the foundation is still there and we can work out the causes and resurrect the team, like a Phoenix, and be better than before.

That being said, I made a vow when I first bonded with Sir. I vowed that I would never walk away from him, He has been walked away from too many times in the past. I plan to live up to that vow, to Sir and all of the other Horses that reside there.

Come on out to our ASPCA Help A Horse Day on April 23rd. Help to support us and assist us in our bid for a $25,000.00 grant from the ASPCA.
If you come out look me up. I will introduce you to Sir and try to get you into my blog posts.

Until next time.....thanks for reading.......

I remain humbly


Sir's Human

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

On to the next event....

Hi All

Really not much going on lately. The Gala was a success and money was raised to support the rescue. We all had a wonderful time. And thanks to our Supporters and Attendees for helping to make the event one to remember.

The next event is the ASPCA Help A Horse Day to be held April 23rd at the North Shore Horse Rescue & Sanctuary.

There will be vendors, food trucks, demonstrations. News12. WEHM Radio, and so much more.
Please try to attend as this is one of our major fund raising events for the year and additionally we have a shot at obtaining a $25,000.00 grant from the ASPCA.

I haven't spent too much time with Sir lately. Some changes in my life and my circle have prevented that. But I hope to get back on track soon.

Please don't forget that you can donate to the rescue any time for any amount by visiting  our donate page. Just click below. You can also use the donate button on our Facebook page.

No amount is too small or too large!

Thanks for reading and a new post will be coming soon.

Until next time....I Remain


Sir's Human

Monday, February 29, 2016

And Sir knew

Hi Everyone

Apologies for not posting often. I've been busy with the Second Annual Phoenix Award Gala and the ASPCA Help a Horse Day event planning. Aside from that, my job and things at home have kept me busy too.

I can't believe that the Gala is this Friday, March 4th. It is shaping up to be an excellent affair. The
Chinese Auction baskets that we are offering are unbelievable. The values of them are in the $100's.
jetBlue Airways donated 2 round trip tickets that are worth at least $900.00.
And the venue is outstanding. There is still time to buy tickets. And you can buy a full table of 10 seats and get a discounted price of $850.00.

People lose site of the fact that this is a fund raiser. And it is one of the largest generators of dollars for the rescue. And on top of having a great experience at the gala, your ticket purchase is tax deductible!!!! This to me is a NO brainier..... But I digress .

Last weekend Lynn and I were thrown a curve ball. Without going into details, something that we expected to happen, happened. Nothing terrible, but something that is causing us to deal with the emotions of losing Frankie on another level. When I heard about it, it knocked me back to the freshness of losing my son all over again. The wound that had been healing slowly was torn open again.
As anyone who has lost a child can attest, you never ever get over that loss. You can replace a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or learn to deal with the death of a sibling or parent. But there is no way in the world to replace your child!! Period!! People fail to realize that it's not just the death, it's all of the other things like; all of the what could have been's, if only's, and whole assortment of what if's.

I have been dealing with the loss of him pretty well. And the entrance into my life of Sir and the folks at the North Shore Horse Rescue have been a very large contributor to me making great strides in doing so. And for that I am eternally indebted and grateful.

So when I heard the news I ran the gamut of emotions. I felt as though Frankie had just passed over to the other side of life all over again.
Then the sadness set in. Fighting back the tears and putting on the usual happy face was a strain.

Sir was turned out in the big pasture at the front of the farm. The one that is on Sound Ave.
All I could think of was the comfort that I needed from my friend. The one that has done so much for me in dealing with this!
Lately Sir has been aloof and not as interactive with me as he had been. I am not savvy enough about Equine behavior to  even attempt to analyze why, But the point is he hasn't been.

But this was different. I began walking towards him as he grazed. Tears flowing down my face. He immediately lifted his head and began wal
king towards me. As he got closer his pace seemed to quicken.
He came up to me and put his forehead against my chest and my sadness started to subside, Then he placed his head onto my right shoulder and leaned into me. He lowered his chin and pulled me into him, as if to hug me.  Please do not chastise me for humanizing him. I am not....just stating the facts as they occurred.
He stood like that for quite some time.And as I stroked his neck he made these sounds that I can only explain as cooing....all the while keeping me close to him. He washed the sadness away....

Since then he and I are back to our old ways....he greets me and follows me around like a pup. He stares at me from his paddock while I am standing at the barn door. (something that he had stopped doing for awhile.)

So thank you Sir! Thanks for continuing your healing ways! I don't know what I would do with out you!

Until next time

Sir's Human

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Phoenix Award Gala. What should I wear??!!!???!!!

Hi Folks

My apologies for being away from the keyboard for awhile. Between work, home, and the event planning for the fund raising events for the Horse Rescue, there has been little time or energy to post here.......

Some people have raised concerns that that the dress code for the Gala is Black Tie. This is due to the use of Formal Attire on the invitations and flyers. However, it is not black tie. It is Cocktail or Formal attire.
We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion that this may have caused. 

See you at the GALA!

P.S. If you are planning on attending this year please purchase your tickets now.....

Buy your tickets by clicking here

Thursday, January 28, 2016

A message from Laurel and Tom

Below is a personal message from Laurel and Tom to their Supporters and Friends,

Please try to attend the Gala on March 4th.

Click to enlarge

Winter Winter go away!

Hi again everyone

Wow was that a blizzard this past weekend or was that a blizzard!???!!!??

I was unable to make it out to the rescue this past weekend due to airing on the side of safety all volunteers were asked to stay away until the weather improved and the plowing was done.
From what I understand the wind was wreaking havoc out there and they almost lost a section of the barn roof. Tommy braved the storm and climbed a ladder and was able to screw down the panels and saved the day!

Sunday I was busy cleaning my driveway as well as my neighbor's driveway. Thank God for my newly acquired used snow blower. It really made the job easier. Considering that we had around 2 foot of snow we were done really quick.

I saw pictures of Sir and the paddock looked as though the high winds had blown some of the snow away from it. I could see the dirt in the pics.
I can't wait to get out there to spend some time with him. Most likely next Sunday will be the soonest that I can make it out there.

On a positive note the days are getting longer and the daytime temps have been mild. Soon I will be able to go to the rescue straight from work and still have some time to be there before it gets dark.

We continue to work on the 2nd Annual Phoenix Award Gala and have begun work on the ASPCA  Help A Horse Day, The Civil War Battle Event is currently on hold pending approval for a site to hold it on.
If you know of any place close to Baiting Hollow that may want to host it let me know.

I will be posting further info on the Gala on the following post.

Until next time......take care


Sir's Human

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Frozen Water Troughs. Good!? Not so much !!!!!

Hi everyone

So Ole Man Winter has arrived and wiped away any memory that I may have had about mild temps and sunny skies.
I was out at the barn and froze my a$$ off. Yesterday I was only there for an hour tops. It took hours for my toes to defrost LOL

This is the time of year when the water freezes over in the troughs. There is no way that extension cords could be run to all of the paddocks either. Not only is that not safe, the electric bill would be through the roof! PSEG Long Island would have a field day ;P

So I have been surfing the internet for ideas to build cheap but efficient solar warmers for the troughs. I found this one on Mother Earth News. Build a Solar Stock tank

We would need approximately 15-16 of these. The cost is estimated at about $185.00 to $200.00 each for materials.
At the high end it would cost us $3200.00 for 16 Solar Heaters.

If you would like to help with this project we would appreciate your efforts. You can donate towards the purchase of materials by going to the donate link on the website .
Do it in a pet's memory or a loved one.  Just make a note that it's for the Solar Heater in the purpose. Let us know if you are sponsoring one for someone specific.

This could really be an awesome accomplishment.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

A dream that I wish could come true!!

I was dreaming that I was riding Sir along with my friends at the horse rescue. It was Laurel Palermo,Beth Getty Springston,Nikii JanineElizabeth Johnsen GebersMarissa Doyen , and some others There were thousands of rescued horses behind us as we were leading them to safety. In the distance I could see a swirling light that was changing colors. Each color was representative of our chakras. Most prevalent were love and healing! We started galloping towards this light. Our whole herd! It was thunderous. We were all smiling and cheering. The horses were neighing and whinnying. Then I woke up. I could still hear the hooves pounding on the earth as I lay in my bed. Then I realized it was the heavy rain on my roof. It was so calming that I just laid there and soaked it in!!!

Please consider below

Donate to help rescued horses

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

Hi All

Here's wishing all of you and your families a Happy and Healthy 2016!

I went to the barn this morning to help with the morning feeding. Laurel was not walking too well. The muddy conditions are really taking a toll on her fused ankle. I helped last night as well.

It started out as a nice morning but when the wind picked up it got cold.
Yesterday afternoon and the past few times that I was out there Sir was very standoffish. He was not having anything to do with me. Ears went back and he nipped at me a few times. It was the same this morning.
So after the chores were done I went into the paddock and he half cocked his head to me and gave me the beluga eye....Like a Beluga whale eye.
Again he was having nothing to do with me. Last night he wouldn't take a peppermint candy from me as I stood on the opposite side of the fence. This is something that he always did. He would come when I called him as well.

So I retreated to the barn feeling sorry for myself and watched him standing there. I then decided that I was going to grab a halter and lead and take him out to graze. Something he and I always did.
He watched me walking to the paddock and his eyes were bulging and his head went back while his nostrils flared! There was my Sir! I went and got the halter on and we went for our walk. I gave him his apple and oats treats and we hung together like before, He seemed like his old self again. And that made me happy. I am so glad that this holiday season is over. Like most people I miss my loved one too. But this horse truly helps me deal with it......

So maybe it was my lack of interaction with him? The muddy paddock? The change in temperature?
Any thoughts?

I have no idea. All I know is that we seem to be back on track!

Until next time!!


Sir's Human