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Friday, January 28, 2022

Guess who? It's RU!


Since my last post I have thought about what I would write in this one. The last thing that I wanted to do was create a situation where I would be stressed out....or aggravated again.

All I will say is that I got in between two women and that resulted in my being asked to leave where I was boarding my horse. What is the old saying?  I don't know.....but I say, never get in the middle of two women who are pissed off! LOL

Without going into all the unnecessary details, the bottom line is that I eventually had my horse and I moved her to a private backyard barn. The owner is amazing and cares for Ru like she is one of her own! She is fed top of the line hay 4  times a day and grained twice.
There is a large riding ring that Ru loves to run in and stretch her Thoroughbred legs. She is awesome to watch. I can only imagine what she looked like on the racetrack.

The weather has been so cold the past month that my time with her has been limited.
Right before the winter hit I was  doing groundwork with her, Natural Horsemanship, and she was great at it. Either she had training before or she just has a good brain.

I am told by many of my friends that owned or own horses how much I lucked out.
She is beautiful, number 1, and very cooperative! She is smart and listens to voice commands. 
She will follow me off a lead line, stops when I stop, and walks when I walk. Maybe all horses do that?

When I first bought her she would dive into her grain bucket to eat. She acted like I was going to take her food away or that another horse was going to eat it, even though she was in a stall and paddock by herself.
The story was that when the woman I purchased her from got her Ru was emaciated and had rain rot. That right there showed neglect. 
She was nursed back to health and the rain rot dealt with, and when I got her she was perfect!

As time went on at the place that she boards at now, she  no longer dives into her food. She is much more relaxed and eats at a normal pace. The constant supply of hay has helped I am sure.
In fact, she will sometimes only eat part of an apple, where before she couldn't wait for me to slice off a piece for her! LOL

Next up some history of her background.....sad times, but a happy ending!

Until next time.....


Ru's Human
& Sir's too 💓