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Forever Watching
Forever Watching!

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Rescue Horses....Once again!

Hi everyone:

Two long years ago, on July 8,2018 I lost my horse Sir.
Since that time I have had an emptiness inside that I could not fill. I missed him, his bigness, his playfulness, and sometimes stubbornness. 

I missed being around horses. The smells and noises, the communication with these large beings.
I supported some Horse Rescues with donations online whenever I could. But I still missed being near them. 

I tried using this blog for other things, like posting animals that needed to be adopted, Fundraisers, etc. for both canine and equine alike. But to be honest, it was hard to get motivated without having the interaction with them physically. 
I would listen to the stories that my friend Rich would tell me from his days at the horse farm near his house in Pa. and I would envy him. But was over the moon happy for him as his love for horses rivals mine!

I had played with the idea of volunteering at a horse rescue, even went to an orientation or two. But they just weren't a fit for me at the time. Job responsibilities, etc. made my commitment level unsure.
Plus there was an underlying guilt about Sir. 

So as I did when I wanted to own a horse or be around horses, and knew that it was not probable, I left it to the Universe to guide me if it was meant to be.
Well recently the Universe decided that it was time! I was invited to visit a fairly new horse rescue and I went. 
I immediately felt the connection. I could hear the horses, smell the familiar smells, and could feel that surge of energy. 

So I will be volunteering and doing my best to assist the rescue to succeed. And when I read my post about Sir passing I saw that I had stated that I would carry on his legacy and do what I could to help the countless horses that need it.

We shall see what the future holds......I will post here now and then as things occur....

Until then........

I Still Remain