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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Horse at Homeward Horse & Hound Of Mississippi Needs help

Here is the post from Homeward Horse and Hound.....

Trax can’t catch a true break. We were almost home free. He has a home offer. His foster reported him being a little snotty so we asked the vet to check him out when she pulled a new coggins on him. 

Impacted adult teeth. X-rays will be taken next week to see what we are facing. X-rays will be roughly $200. Dealing with the problem? On the low end, $400-$600. On the high end? 
Possibly $1000 if extensive.

This isn’t something we can hoist on his would be adopters. And it’s not something we can do on our own. So we are begging. Please, please help us get Trax over this final hurdle so we can get him home.

I’m going to dig through the stuff we have for auction and post it on the auction page shortly and see if we can raise some funds for him that way. Also will add a donate button on this post.

(His eyes aren’t swollen shut, he just had them closed when the picture snapped).