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Forever Watching
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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sir....You're a STAR!!

This past weekend I made my way to Gettysburg Pa for our annual Remembrance Day event.
I had dinner with my good friend Bill Taylor and his wife Karen. My trusty sidekick/"body guard" Rich Pawling joined us as well.
Bill gave me a custom made western saddle along with a bit and multiple pads. The saddle is awesome! Thanks Bill!!

It  was a bitter sweet trip. Gettysburg was always a happy place for Lynn, Frankie, and I, We always felt like it was a home away from home so to speak. But now not so much. Everywhere I went was a memory, a good memory, but bitter sweet.
But strange as it was, every time that I felt myself slipping into sadness, I either saw a horse or someone asked about Sir. Awesome! I instantly got back on track and felt much better.
Call it the universe or Frankie working behind the scenes or just coincidence either way it worked!

People actually seemed genuinely interested asking questions and offering suggestions and their own stories about their experiences with horses.
It really made my weekend tolerable.
Sir just keeps on giving me support even when we are apart.

I made my way home thinking about the weekend, Frankie, and Sir. Hawks crossed my path on several occasions, To me a sign that my Son is around.
All in all I was at peace.

I made my way out to the barn Monday evening and froze my ass off LOL. The wind was blowing and the temperature was dropping. But it was worth it. Tommy and Laurel and I chatted and laughed. We spoke about some events that are in the pipeline. As usual it was a good time.

Several times I went over to Sir's paddock and tried to coax him into coming to me. (something that he always did) The paddock was muddy and I was still in my work clothes so I stayed outside of it.
He would look at me then go back to what he was doing before.
He was ignoring me! Ha! The big lug was not going to give in!

I know that we tend to humanize our animals and pets. And if I didn't know better it seemed like he was giving it back to me for being way for the weekend. LOL

Sir is certainly a celebrity thanks to all of you who follow this blog and my FB page. A word to those of you who follow this blog because you have also suffered a loss,feel free to comment. And find something that will make you feel good about you while you are doing it and beyond. Volunteer at a nursing home, the VA, or animal shelter. There are so many souls that need a can be their friend and they can be your salvation.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!


Sir's Human

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Rough day...but Sir was there

I and Nicole arrived at the barn at around 7:30 AM today to assist Sue with the feeding. Laurel and Tom went up to a big Equine event in Mass. Sounded like a really large flea market. They had a well deserved day to themselves.

As most of you know today is the 2nd anniversary of my son's passing, It was not an easy day emotionally, But I was surrounded by such wonderful and supportive friends. And the numerous postings on facebook and the text messages truly helped. Thank you all!

After the feeding was completed we hung around and talked about things....just stuff.
The day was beautiful. There was a slight breeze and the sun was shining and the temperature was way above normal,

I decided that I was going to ride Sir. I figured just an easy ride. A walk is all.
So I groomed him and got the saddle and pad on him. But when I went to put the bridle on him it was out of whack. It just wasn't fitting right. When I used it yesterday when Elizabeth and her daughter Erika rode him it was fine. But not today. I just couldn't wrap my head around it. My abstract mind, usually good, was not cooperating.  And at that point I just did not have the energy or the patience. So instead of letting Sir pick up on that I gave up and took him out to graze. He enjoyed that better than being ridden I'm sure. I may just buy my own before Christmas ;>)
My friends Pete and Rosemarie both offered to let me borrow their Hackamores but I declined, I just felt that it was a sign that I shouldn't ride. But this is the degree of niceness that these people possess. So very caring, Even a new acquaintance, Lori, who I wrote about yesterday(adopting 2 horses), gave me a bottle of wine that she had delivered from Italy. To help me and my health. I just met her a few weeks ago! I thank God and the Universe for getting me to the rescue. It's my oasis!

So we got through another day without my boy. Hopefully a little bit stronger for it.
Thanks to all of you for the support you show to Lynn and I.

Until next time
I Remain Sir's Human


Saturday, November 14, 2015


Hi all

Yes that's correct! Today there were 4 horses adopted by two wonderful people. Lori adopted Mike and Joe and Nicole adopted two Minis, Elroy and Red. All four will remain at the Rescue so be sure and visit them to say hello!

Till next time!


Sir's Human

Lori and Joey

Lori and Mikey

Nicole with Red & Elroy

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Amazing Video of a rescue of 200+ stranded horses

I just saw a video on Facebook that was shared by my friend Marrissa Gayle. I will post the link below. I urge you to watch this amazing rescue of over 200 horses.
If it doesn't tug at your heart strings then I don't what to tell you. Maybe you don't have a heart.
This happened in 2006. Be sure to scroll down and watch the video after you read the story.

This rescue was not easy by no means. An easier way to assist rescued horses is to donate to the North Shore Horse Rescue.

Click below to donate.....

North Shore Horse Rescue

Click below to view the video.

Video of 2006 rescue of a herd of stranded horses


Sir's Human

Monday, November 9, 2015

Work Day at the rescue

Hi again

This past Sunday a few of my close friends came out to help paint fences. The sky was overcast and it it was windy and cool but the enthusiasm was hot and heavy!
We accomplished a lot but there is still more to be done.

A big thank you goes out to EJ, Dakota, Erin, Jesse, and last but not least Felix!
And a special thanks goes out to my friend Rob who donated the paint.

Sir's Human hard at work

                                                    Left to right: Dakota, Me, and EJ

                                         Dakota and Sir in the background supervising

                                                                    Jesse and Erin

                                    Dakota and I. Mack in the back showing his approval

                                                              Erin and Jesse hard at work!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Stupid Horse!....Dumb Animal!!!

Ha! Got your attention ?

The more that I am around Sir and the other horses I am realizing that they are pretty damn smart.

I took Sir out of his paddock yesterday to groom him and to take him for some grazing time.
He walked out of the paddock and gave me the half turn that I always ask for. I locked the gate and started walking with him. We had to walk past my car and Sir guided me over to the rear drivers side door and stood there staring through the window. No he wasn't admiring himself in the reflection of the window. He was waiting for me to open the door and give him his favorite treats. So I opened the door and gave him some treats.
Now is that smart or what?!!???!!?? This was not due to repetitive actions. I did this with him maybe twice before. But in that 2 times he learned.
There are so many other examples of how smart horses are like; knowing their names, coming when called, not coming when another horse is called. And so many more.

So my point here is when people refer to horses as dumb animals, stupid horses, etc. they are either not teaching their horses or they are blind to what is really happening.

If you have additional examples of why you think horses are not dumb or stupid post a comment here. This blog is read by many people all over the US and the world! So lets educate them!

Next time I will fill you in on our Paranormal Investigation at the barn!

Until next time

Frank....Sirs Human!