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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Yard sale continued

Hi everyone

As I reported on the North Shore Horse Rescue's Facebook page the yard sale went well.
Over the two weekends we raised over $3800.00. We could not have done that without all of you who came by and purchased stuff, donated money and items, and the Volunteers who worked their tails off to manned the sale and fed the horses behind the scenes.

We missed Sue our Volunteer Coordinator who was always a staple at this and other events. But she has moved off the island and supports us in other ways.
It seems that at every yard sale someone donates ladies hats. And somehow one of these hats finds it's way atop Sue's head. So this year we all donned hats in honor of Sue!

From Left to Right
Nicole, Me, Elizabeth, Gina, Ashley, Laurel

We are all one big happy family at the rescue. We always have a fun time at these events and during the chores we do on Nomal  regular days.

Sir is doing great! He is eating and gaining weight and is so interactive!
Dr. Wen gave him an examination and reported that he is doing good. I breathe a sigh of relief upon hearing that news.

Thanks for following Sir and I here on the Blog. If you have any questions or have something specific that you would like me to write about drop me a line

That's it for now!

Until Next Time!

Sir's Human

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