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Friday, August 26, 2016

Sir's health rollercoaster ride.

Hi again Sir's minions

I am up at Cranberry Lake again enjoying the quiet and fresh air.

I believe that in my last post I said something about possible good news about Sir.
At that time the Vet who performed the surgery thought that it might not be cancer, but instead a tick related illness.
Apparently after some research he found that the two are very close under the microscope.
If that were the case antibiotics would cure it.
So more blood was taken and sent to the lab.

That whole week we waited in anticipation of the results. We felt very confident that the results would show it to be tick related.
The results came back and were negative for lymes disease,
To top it off Sir was having a reaction to the Chinese Herbs where his legs were swollen and he was drinking way more water than usual. They were stopped and the swelling went down.

However, he then was bitten by an insect or rubbed on something and got an infection. More swelling in his chest and front legs. That and a rub sore on his front leg caused by the fly wraps.
This poor guy couldn't catch a break.
Thank God for Laurel though. She is always so observat and spots any abnormality with the horses.

The Vet came out and located the cause of the infection. A very small cut that was barely noticeable.
He started him on antibiotics. Additionally, he diagnosed Sir with Atrial Fibrillation. Something that I am very familiar with as I have it too. Less a leaky valve.
Sir has a leaky valve which disrupts the blood flow. It causes a backflow in layman's terms.

So the diagnosis is to not work him or ride him. Once he gets past the other stuff there is a procedure available that can correct the A Fib and leaky valve.
Other than that no one really knows what Sir has.

Laurel's niece Dr, Rooney put it best; (I'm paraphrasing) "If it were my horse I would monitor the situation. Keep an eye on his lymph glands.etc."

In other words, he is pooping, peeing, eating, and drinking. He is alert and very interactive...more than I have known him to be since I met him over a year ago, So why bombard him with drugs before we know exactly what he has....if he has anything at this point.

Please rest assured that Sir will be closely monitored and well taken care of. He currently has the first stall in the barn, the one right next to the kitchen where the buckets are made up. He is constantly knocking things over and getting treats and extra grain. He is being spoiled to say the least! LOL

I can't wait to go see him when I return. Laurel and my friends at the barn have been keeping me updated during this week with pictures and text messages.
But it's not the same as being with him.

Looking better than ever!

Until next time.......


Sir's Human

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