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Forever Watching
Forever Watching!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Just stuff and this coming weekend

Hi Sir's Minions!

I spent some time with Sir last weekend. I had him with me and out grazing for almost two hours. He was pretty much done with it by the end LOL.
I was standing talking with someone and he was behind me just resting his big head on my shoulder as if he was listening to the conversation. I love when he does that!.
I will be hanging with him this coming weekend for sure. Both days.

One of our volunteers left for college this past Saturday. She was and is a hard worker and we will surely miss her! Erika and her Mom Elizabeth always worked hard and did whatever was asked of them and more! I would tease Erika and tell her that Uncle Frank was there for her.
I'm going to miss that kid...young lady!

This weekend we have a fund raiser event on Sunday 9/11. It will be hosted by Louise Abitbol.
Her description is below. Space is limited:

"A journey towards self awareness in the presence of the herd. Horses can help us commit to our spiritual development and motivate us towards seeing them, as well as ourselves without barriers or resistance which blocks our conscious awareness. "....the truest teaching is like a bird flying across the sky; it leaves no tracks that can be followed, yet the presence cannot be denied." Gangaji The horses presence cannot be denied. Following the gathering all are invited to share food and drink. Price of the event $50.00"

I am looking forward to this. The Heard in the Herd meditation last year was great and this will be better I am sure.

So I will leave you with that for now and will post again soon!

Until then

I remain

Sir's Human


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