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Monday, October 26, 2015

Great family weekend!

Hi again

What a weekend! I was asked to officiate the renewal of vows for my neighbors/friends. I was honored and I think that it went well. Our Grandson Jack went with us and then spent the night. There is no greater feeling than when you are sleeping and the little one cuddles with you. He reminds me so much of my son, his father. We are blessed to have him.

Sunday I went out to the barn a bit later than usual. And a new program was taking place. I really can't elaborate too much until I am given the go ahead. All I can say is that the horses are being utilized to help Veterans with PTSD.
And Sir was one of the horses chosen to assist, He is such a gentle soul. Everyone who meets him instantly finds a connection with him.
He has such a calming energy. Hey he saved me ;U)

After the program was completed I went into his paddock to say hi. His back was turned towards me and he was eating. True to form I called to him and he raised his head and turned to face me. Ear up.eyes wide open, and neck straight as an arrow. God I love him!
I walked up to him and he placed his head in my hands and welcomed my petting. I hung with him for awhile and turned to leave and he walked right beside me rubbing his face on my shoulder.
No way could I leave him then! LOL. I put the halter on him and took him out for a walk and some grazing time. I find these times with him the most satisfying.
We are alone and I can empty my heart and soul without fear of criticism or judgement. I let it all out and he just listens. ( I would shit my pants if he answered me)
But in some ways he does answer me. Those of you who "get it" will understand.

Later on in the day I was excited that my wife Lynn, Daughter in-law Ilana, and Daughter Alison came out with my two Grandsons Nathaniel and Jack.

I took Sir out to get him ready to tack up and Jack was so excited. He kept asking if he could ride him.  He was asking questions as I groomed Sir and seemed very interested.
I took Sir to the round pen and all were given rides. Jackie held on to the saddle horn for dear life. But for a 3 year old he did well. Nathaniel had no issues with it. He sat straight and enjoyed the ride. The adults enjoyed their rides as well.
But no one was happier than me.

Afterwards I took everyone out to an Italian restaurant. The food was great, but the desert was even better.

Until next time!


Sir's Human

Monday, October 19, 2015

This past weekend things changed

Last week was rough in the missing my Son department. I guess the temperature change, Halloween on the horizon (one of his favorite holidays), and next month being the 2 year anniversary of his passing over to the other side of life had a lot to do with it.
My wife has also been struggling and I try my best to ease that sorrow and heart pain. But there is nothing I can do or say to accomplish that. I just do my best to support her.

I guess I hide it well. Put on the happy face, spurt my corny jokes, and just put on the look that all is well with Frank. But it wasn't really and isn't really. I wanted to roll up in a ball and disappear. Detach from everyone and everything. I felt alone in a crowd. It was a battle to engage people.

I tried to find comfort in watching the Mets and Jets win. I enjoyed it but that too is a strong reminder of the bond that Frankie and I had.
So if I seem aloof at times or preoccupied I apologize. I am just struggling a little more lately than I do usually.

A bright spot this weekend was the visit to the rescue by Lynn's cousins Brenda and Delores.
Brenda donated stuff to the rescue and brought me a saddle and pads and a grooming kit for Sir.
And the best part of that is the saddle fits him and it allows me to ride him more often.
I need to get a bit, reigns, headstall, etc. But I can borrow Laurel's in the interim.
Thanks again Brenda!

This certainly brought Sir and I to another level for sure. I still have a lot to learn and I am hopeful that Laurel can find the time to help me. Don't get me wrong, I can ride, I just need some pointers on how to recognize and deal with certain behaviors.

I hope that this week is better than last.....for Lynn as well as for me.

In the end I still have my boy Sir and my friends at the barn, They are always so helpful and supportive, Sir has a stiff neck that is restricting his ability to turn his head, Brenda noticed it when she was there on Saturday.
All I needed to do was mention it to my friend and fellow volunteer Marissa and she got right to it.
She is a certified Equine Massage Therapist. She did a massage on Sir and all the while explained what she was doing and why. Though it was basic she had NO problem explaining things step by step as she massaged his body.
These are the kinds of people that I am fortunate to be associated with at the rescue.

Sir as usual provided much relief and joy for me. He always knows. He is my friend and loves me unconditionally. For that and him I am grateful.

Until next time


Sir's Human

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pony ride weekend

I went out to the farm last Saturday to help with the pony rides. I arrived around 8 AM and helped with whatever I could to get ready. Pete showed up and we turned out Sir and his horse Bullet in the large field at the front of the farm to graze.
Bullet took off....well like a Bullet. He showed his enjoyment by running, jumping, and bucking. He ran around in circles at full speed. He showed his true thoroughbred style. It was awesome to see. There were even cars pulling over to watch. You could see the pride in Pete's face.
Laurel eventually asked that we turn out their paddock mates Copper and Black and we did.

Marissa, Gina,and I took Janet into the barn for pre-saddle grooming. Janet loved it! 3 brushes going at the same time....she was in heaven.

We brought her out to the pony ride area and waited. The traffic in the street increased and so did our line for rides. And as usual, Janet did great! Come ride the worlds largest pony LOL.
I understand that Sunday the rides were booming!

When it was quitting we went back to the barn and hung out for a while. Laurel passed out some cold Stella beers and it washed the dryness and the day's dust out of my throat.
It was what the doctor ordered! LOL

I went to see Sir before I left. I leaned on the fence rail and watched my big boy eating his hay. I called to him and asked if he wanted to say goodbye. He raised his head and strolled over to where I was. He placed his big head in my hands and I stroked his neck and nose. He looked at me while I was talking to him as if he understood the words I was saying. When I would turn to walk away he put his chin on the top rail and stared me down.
I remembered that I had some treats in my car and shared them with him and his herd and Mack and Janet LOL.

Copper eventually pushed Sir out of the way and I decided it was time for me to head home.

Usually when I leave I miss him. But this time was different. It felt like he and I had a stronger bond...a stronger connection.
I am so looking forward to going back out there this Saturday to see him and to assist with the pony rides.
I am so very grateful for NSHR and for Sir!

I hope to see you this Saturday or Sunday at one of the pony ride days!

Till next time!

Sir's Human

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cold,windy,and Rainy...but who cared

Hi all

I arrived at the farm around 8:00 AM on Saturday morning. The weather was typical of the
Nor-Easter that was upon Long Island. The wind was whipping and at times the rain was heavy and coming down sideways. The temperature was in the 50's and it made for a cold damp day,
The paddocks were a muddy mess to say the least and I was thankful that I had brought my rubber boots.
When I rolled the barn door open I saw that most of the horses were in.....including Sir. He was busy eating his hay but when he heard my voice he lifted his head and came over to say hello. We did the obligatory "I rub your head and cheeks and you rub my shoulder with your head" greeting. Then he went back to eating his hay and looking over at me every once in awhile.

I helped Tommy distribute the buckets and then I helped with the mucking of the stalls. Of course starting with Sir's. And of course he did what he usually does when I am hanging with him in the paddock. Nudging me and demanding my attention LOL. And of course I surrendered.

I continued with the other stalls and also filling water buckets, Then a wedding party arrived to take pictures. This was to occur outside originally but with the weather it was moved inside. So for 2 hours we were put on hold while they shot their pics and videos.

However, it was rewarding at the same time. You could see the mutual enjoyment of us humans and the horses. We were hanging out...four leggeds and two leggeds.
At one point I was talking to Louise and Laurel and was leaning on a tack box, Simba the cat jumped up and laid down in the crook of my arms with his front legs resting on my arm. And Sambuca was resting his head on my shoulder. I can't describe the feeling that I was great!

It's moments like this that really make me shake my head when I think about how horrible some of these tender loving horses were abused, How can humans be so heartless.
Thank God for rescues like NSHR. These horses will live the rest of their lives safe, sound, and happy!

Till next time,,,,,,


Sir's human

Friday, October 2, 2015

Best of Long Island......Please vote

Hi all

The North Shore Horse Rescue has been nominated to win the Best Long Island Animal Rescue. We need you to vote! If you believe in what we are doing please cast a vote.
You can find us under the Pets category and sub category Animal Rescue.

Vote often.....we would REALLY appreciate your support.

Click Here -----> Best of.Long Island Press VOTE



Sir's Human

Long time no write

Hi all

Has it really been that long since I last posted??
Life has been busy to say the least. We moved to a new location at my job. And traffic has been crappy and I have been getting home late. Too tired to post.

I saw my boy Sir last week....not much that I could do because I have been nursing a bum knee for a couple of weeks. It's finally 95%.
But I did get to groom him and took him to graze. Elizabeth had Black out and we turned them out in the big paddock at the front of the farm. They seemed to enjoy it.
Elizabeth and I talked about Past Life regressions, meditation, psychic readings, etc. It was nice.
WE decided that I would host meditation workshops and group regression sessions and the donations would go to the rescue....

The rescue was to begin pony rides this coming weekend. But unfortunately the rain has forced us to cancel it for this weekend. Hopefully the weather will improve for next weekend and the weekends remaining in October.

I'm going to head out tomorrow and help feed and spend some time with Sir! After a long week at work and REALLY missing my son, this is just what the doctor ordered!


Sir's Human