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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sir's update and a heart felt thank you!

Hi Sir's followers!

First on behalf of Sir, myself, and the North Shore Horse Rescue & Sanctuary; I want to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for all of the support we received to reach our goal of having Sir’s surgery performed.
As many of you know, NSHRS is 501 ( c ) 3 not for profit organization. It depends 100% on donations and Volunteers to live up to it’s mission statement.
Unfortunately there are no“Big Corporate Sponsors” and very few repeat Donors.

The minimum feed cost per horse in NY is somewhere around $300.00- $350.00. Additionally there are costs for medical, shoeing, etc. So you can imagine the stress that is associated with an unforeseen medical situation.

When Laurel noticed the growths her first thought was that it was a hernia. After the Veterinarian examined him the diagnosis changed to tumors. When I heard those words a million thoughts raced through my brain. Besides the worst possible scenario the other pressing issue was; “How are we going to pay for this?”
That is when I kicked in to ‘Mission Mode”  J I am pleased that none of you that I know of deleted me from your Facebook friends list. LOL.  You all were patient and supportive as usual!

You helped me raise close to $2700.00 in a month! That is unbelievable! All of you made donations and shared my cause and it all culminated into enough money to pay for the surgery and any follow-up
Treatments that he may need!  And in addition, the prayers and well wishes, the healing energy that was sent our way truly helped! Thanks so much!

I arrived at the barn yesterday morning around 05:40. Sat in my car and waited for any sign of life coming from the house. Shortly after that I saw the parade of dogs. Britany, Jack, and then Otis. And then Laurel emerged.  I got out of my car and followed her to the truck and trailer. We chatted for a bit and the Julie arrived. Sir spotted me and immediately walked to the fence. It was like he was shocked to see me so early. LOL
I went into the paddock and was hanging with him. I talked to him as I was petting him, gave him a hug, and kissed his head. Then Laurel’s voice broke the silence and emotion of the moment; “Get a lead line and get him over here!” LOL, I snapped to as if my First Sargent was calling me to roll call.
I got the halter and walked him over to the barn. We brought him in and groomed him. Then it was time to get him onto the trailer. He was reluctant at first. Laurel in her patient way coaxed him continually. He stopped, smelled the trailer ramp, tapped it with his hoof, and then proceeded to get on the trailer!
Now we were on our way……..
I entered the address to the Fairfield Equine (located in Newton CT) and we were off.  We made fairly good time. The conversation was good and we had some laughs, but there was some kind of veil hanging there. The concern for Sir was obvious. And there he was in the trailer behind us, eating and enjoying the ride! We could see him through the front windows in the trailer, the wind blowing his mane and forelock! I could swear that I saw him shake his head a few times, like the models do for a photo shoot! LOL

The ride up was uneventful though at one point Google maps took us to a place called Surprise Lake. Yup what a surprise LOL… We turned around and were back on course in no time.
We arrived on time and they put Sir into a stall where they would draw blood and examine him.

He ate the hay that was provided and seemed frustrated with the fact that it was hanging in a hay bag and not easily accessible on the stall floor. Has Laurel spoiled him or what?!!??!?? Ha
A vet tech did a preliminary exam on him along with a lady from England who was doing a 2 week internship. They felt his neck and other parts of his massive body, listened to his heart and ran the stethoscope along different parts of his neck and sides.
I of course hung on every movement. Trying to read expressions and any urgent movement. But in the end all was good. The Vet himself came and examined Sir and spoke with Laurel. At one point it seemed like he was suggesting that we leave the tumors on Sir and monitor them for any growth or changes.
I’m not sure if he was just laying that out there as an option, or if Laurel’s body language showed that she was not going to agree. Those of you who know her know that when she is not in agreement her shoulders raise and she leans forward just slightly, and that “Are you fucking kidding me” look gets on her face. Well that is what possibly happened….I couldn’t see….I was behind her…..but I think that I did see a slight rise in her shoulders. ;)

They came and fetched him and we retired to a picnic bench in the shade and dined on the most fantastic sandwich that I ever had. Compliments of Laurel. And there were chips and ……….wait for it……..
RAINBOW COOKIES!!!!! Needless to say I was in a food coma afterwards.

After about an hour we went back to the stall and there was Sir. He came through with flying colors. The Vet believes that the growths are fatty tumors. He called the Sarcoids at first which are skin tumors. But after the surgery he suggested fatty tumors. We will see what they were in a week when we get the biopsy results back.

Sir was discharged and you could see that he was rearing to get home. He didn’t even hesitate getting on the trailer!  We received a warm send off from the staff, with Sir getting compliments and rave reviews on what a great horse he is, and how cooperative and calm. We were all proud of our boy!

You could feel the relief on the ride home. We laughed all the way. My sides were splitting. Sharing stories of our escapades during our youth. Stories about the barn, the horses, our friends, etc.

Aside from the good news about Sir, this really topped off an excellent trip.
We pulled into the entrance for the farm and I got out of the truck to open the gate. Sir began whinnying over and over, immediately his paddock mates starting doing the same. Bullet was running and jumping and shaking his head as he whinnied. Copper ran back and forth and called back to Sir. Janet, Mack, and Phoenix also joined in as well as Michael and Joseph! What an excellent welcome home for Sir. He was back in the herd that he loves and who loves him!
If only Humans could be the same!

Thank you all so much!

Sir's Human

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