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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This past weekend's YARD SALE

Hi all

Well the Yard sale went well considering the forecast for the weekend.
Saturday was a roller coaster as far as the decision to do it or cancel it.
Ultimately the decision was made to roll the dice and see what would happen.

It was the right decision! We were able to get 4-5 hours of sales in before the rain came. And we did well in that short timeframe.
I did a Facebook Live video with Elizabeth and couldn't find the stop button so it ran over. lol But it was still fun. Elizabeth missed her calling as a news reporter foir sure ;<)
We covered everything up just as the rain showers started and retired to the barn to bring the horses in, feed, etc.
We had fun joking and laughing as usual, What a great group of volunteers! I am proud to call them friends and to volunteer with them.

Sir was awesome. The center of attention in the front stall. He is so much fun to interact with.
He is spoiled to no end and its well deserved!

Sunday as you locals know was a complete wash out. But we resumed on Monday Columbus day. It started out slow, but then people came in droves. We did really good that day too.
We had to close down a little earlier than we wanted to but we were short handed and needed to get the evening feeding done. And people were still stopping!

My Wife Lynn and Grandson Jack came by and hung out for awhile. Jackie was feeding the horses apples and was so proud that he fed two big horses and the minis too! They truly made my day!

If the weather holds this weekend we will do it again.
Hope to see you there!


Sir's Human

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