Forever Watching

Forever Watching
Forever Watching!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

A message from Laurel and Tom

Below is a personal message from Laurel and Tom to their Supporters and Friends,

Please try to attend the Gala on March 4th.

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Winter Winter go away!

Hi again everyone

Wow was that a blizzard this past weekend or was that a blizzard!???!!!??

I was unable to make it out to the rescue this past weekend due to airing on the side of safety all volunteers were asked to stay away until the weather improved and the plowing was done.
From what I understand the wind was wreaking havoc out there and they almost lost a section of the barn roof. Tommy braved the storm and climbed a ladder and was able to screw down the panels and saved the day!

Sunday I was busy cleaning my driveway as well as my neighbor's driveway. Thank God for my newly acquired used snow blower. It really made the job easier. Considering that we had around 2 foot of snow we were done really quick.

I saw pictures of Sir and the paddock looked as though the high winds had blown some of the snow away from it. I could see the dirt in the pics.
I can't wait to get out there to spend some time with him. Most likely next Sunday will be the soonest that I can make it out there.

On a positive note the days are getting longer and the daytime temps have been mild. Soon I will be able to go to the rescue straight from work and still have some time to be there before it gets dark.

We continue to work on the 2nd Annual Phoenix Award Gala and have begun work on the ASPCA  Help A Horse Day, The Civil War Battle Event is currently on hold pending approval for a site to hold it on.
If you know of any place close to Baiting Hollow that may want to host it let me know.

I will be posting further info on the Gala on the following post.

Until next time......take care


Sir's Human

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Frozen Water Troughs. Good!? Not so much !!!!!

Hi everyone

So Ole Man Winter has arrived and wiped away any memory that I may have had about mild temps and sunny skies.
I was out at the barn and froze my a$$ off. Yesterday I was only there for an hour tops. It took hours for my toes to defrost LOL

This is the time of year when the water freezes over in the troughs. There is no way that extension cords could be run to all of the paddocks either. Not only is that not safe, the electric bill would be through the roof! PSEG Long Island would have a field day ;P

So I have been surfing the internet for ideas to build cheap but efficient solar warmers for the troughs. I found this one on Mother Earth News. Build a Solar Stock tank

We would need approximately 15-16 of these. The cost is estimated at about $185.00 to $200.00 each for materials.
At the high end it would cost us $3200.00 for 16 Solar Heaters.

If you would like to help with this project we would appreciate your efforts. You can donate towards the purchase of materials by going to the donate link on the website .
Do it in a pet's memory or a loved one.  Just make a note that it's for the Solar Heater in the purpose. Let us know if you are sponsoring one for someone specific.

This could really be an awesome accomplishment.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

A dream that I wish could come true!!

I was dreaming that I was riding Sir along with my friends at the horse rescue. It was Laurel Palermo,Beth Getty Springston,Nikii JanineElizabeth Johnsen GebersMarissa Doyen , and some others There were thousands of rescued horses behind us as we were leading them to safety. In the distance I could see a swirling light that was changing colors. Each color was representative of our chakras. Most prevalent were love and healing! We started galloping towards this light. Our whole herd! It was thunderous. We were all smiling and cheering. The horses were neighing and whinnying. Then I woke up. I could still hear the hooves pounding on the earth as I lay in my bed. Then I realized it was the heavy rain on my roof. It was so calming that I just laid there and soaked it in!!!

Please consider below

Donate to help rescued horses

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

Hi All

Here's wishing all of you and your families a Happy and Healthy 2016!

I went to the barn this morning to help with the morning feeding. Laurel was not walking too well. The muddy conditions are really taking a toll on her fused ankle. I helped last night as well.

It started out as a nice morning but when the wind picked up it got cold.
Yesterday afternoon and the past few times that I was out there Sir was very standoffish. He was not having anything to do with me. Ears went back and he nipped at me a few times. It was the same this morning.
So after the chores were done I went into the paddock and he half cocked his head to me and gave me the beluga eye....Like a Beluga whale eye.
Again he was having nothing to do with me. Last night he wouldn't take a peppermint candy from me as I stood on the opposite side of the fence. This is something that he always did. He would come when I called him as well.

So I retreated to the barn feeling sorry for myself and watched him standing there. I then decided that I was going to grab a halter and lead and take him out to graze. Something he and I always did.
He watched me walking to the paddock and his eyes were bulging and his head went back while his nostrils flared! There was my Sir! I went and got the halter on and we went for our walk. I gave him his apple and oats treats and we hung together like before, He seemed like his old self again. And that made me happy. I am so glad that this holiday season is over. Like most people I miss my loved one too. But this horse truly helps me deal with it......

So maybe it was my lack of interaction with him? The muddy paddock? The change in temperature?
Any thoughts?

I have no idea. All I know is that we seem to be back on track!

Until next time!!


Sir's Human