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Monday, August 8, 2016

Wellness Day at the rescue

Hi Folks

I hope that all of you are doing well and enjoying your summer!

I was out at the barn Friday night for a bit after work and hung with Sir for a while and shot the breeze with Louise and Laurel.
Apparently the Chinese herb medicine was not agreeing with Sir and his legs were swollen again.He was retaining water so Dr. Wen told Laurel to stop the meds.Which she pretty much had figured out anyway. So she did and he began improving.

(Additionally there may be some good news for Sir coming in the next week or so. But like my superstitious Italian Mother would say, " Don't jinx it" I won't! LOL)

I arrived at the barn Saturday morning a bit later than I had wanted to, I was held up by the wait in the bagel store. But it was worth it. I arrived toting the bagels and box of joe, etc.
Sir was in his stall being spoiled by Laurel as she prepared the feed buckets. Tom was filling water troughs. Julie was helping Laurel. everyone was busy.

I jumped on the gator and proceeded to feed the horses. It never ceases to amaze me how the horses see you coming and go right to where they normally eat.Some of them even chastise you if you are taking your time. Danny is good for that. He grunts and snorts and taps the ground with his hoof. LOL

Elizabeth and her daughter Erica arrived and jumped in to help as usual with grooming and mucking, and whatever else needed attention.

Laurel's niece Cait, or should I say Dr. Cait Rooney DVM, arrived. She recently graduated and is licensed to practice Veterinary medicine. She went right to work.
She took blood from Sir, floated the teeth of Cisco and Copper, gave varioius horses their shots, treated Cisco's tick bite, and treated Tate's eye. I helped her and Laurel float the teeth....all I did was hold the contraption that held their heads up. LOL But I was allowed to stick my hand into Cisco's mouth to feel the hooks on his teeth. Very cool!
I enjoyed helping her. It was something new and different.

I ended the day by helping with the feed buckets. The heat and humidity had it's effect on all of us.

Sir is like a different horse. He is much more animated and is literally eating like a horse times 10 LOL
He seems content and interested in everything around  him....he loves the interaction that he gets in the front stall.

I will keep you updated on his condition.

Until next time.......


Sir's Human

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