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Thursday, September 22, 2016

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Hi Sir's Friends

I did away with my usual opening  "Sir's Minions" after my wife suggested that I look up the definition. So I did and after reading the definition I realized that some may take offense to the label though I meant no harm.

So,  I went to the barn after work last Thursday I believe. Ther traffic was heavier than usual, I wanted to get there before 6 but the traffic caused me to arrive at 6:30.
Doctor Wen was already there and I could see Sir on the cross ties as I got out of my car.
I could tell by Sir's posture that he was not happy. His head was down, ears back and front legs slightly spread.

I walked into the barn and was greeted by Dr. Wen, Laurel, and Tommy. Beth gave me a quick hello and wave from the other end of the barn where she was busy grooming her horse Lakota,
It was right about then that Sir realized that I was standing in front of him.
He raised his head and his ears went up and he began nudging me with his nose. The usual greeting that I get. He rubbed his head on my chest and placed his chin on my shoulder. It seemed like he was saying "I am so glad that you are here!" LOL (That's my story and I am sticking to it)

Dr. Wen finished his examination and told us that he felt the loss of appetite, weight loss, bad coat, etc. was a result of kidney disease that was brought on from the infection that Sir had a few weeks ago. (I think I wrote about that) He prescribed some of his Chinese Herbal medication and said that he felt the kidney problem was reversable.
We should see an improvement in roughly 2-3 weeks and he will remain on the meds for several months.
Laurel and I breathe a collective sigh of relief.
Once we get this healed we can concentrate on his other issues.

I took him off the cross ties and walked him to the back towards his paddock. I let him graze a while and talked to him as usual. When I placed him in his paddock he turned and walked up to the gate where I stood. I had my chin resting on my arm. He gently placed his head to my forehead and stared into my eyes. He had never done that before. It was a wonderful emotional feeling. I kept talking to him and he stayed there. I felt like he was saying "Don't ever leave me. I thought that you had left me"
Please don't send the men in the white coats for me yet. :<)
But is was as real as if someoine was whispering it in my ear.

I reassured him that I was not going anywhere, that I would not walk away from him....EVER!

He helped me, now I will help him!

Again...thanks for reading and following my Blog posts.
Please comment......

Until next time
I Remain......

Sir's Human

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