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Forever Watching
Forever Watching!

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Marlokai Fundraisers!

 Hi all

In typical Frank style I haven't posted anything since September!

Things are progressing nicely with Thor. We have totally bonded. I am his Human. 

I smile when there are others hanging around the paddock and he comes to me LOL 

And he paces in his paddock when he sees me. He is one smart cookie.

We have several fundraisers currently going on. 

We need to raise $395.00 for an Osphos shot for one of our rescues. Her name is Elsie and she has Navicular. 

She's a beauty as you can see from this picture. If you want to make a tax deductible donation follow the link below.


We have also partnered with OneHope Wine. 10% of all purchases will go directly to support our rescue.
Purchase wine to support our EqWine! Great idea to purchase wine for the holidays or for gifts.
Follow this Marlokai Equine Rescue specific link to purchase your wine now!

And finally we are holding a Virtual Crafting Event. This is for our Nassau and Suffolk County NY supporters only. (It's the logistics of getting the materials to you)
The date is 12/20/2020. You must register by 12/15/2020.

Follow this link for more information and to register:

We truly appreciate your support throughout the year. We could not do what we do without you!

Thank you!

As always, I remain

Sir's Human...........................................................................................and Thor's too 

Sunday, September 20, 2020

It finally happened!

 Hello everyone

Things are moving along at the Marlokai Rescue. Riding lesson bookings are increasing, a few events are taking place online, and fundraising efforts are showing results.

We are still in need of dedicated volunteers, so if you are interested you can reach out to me at There is always so much that needs to be done on the farm and we could use as many hands as are available.

So yesterday I spent the day at the farm doing chores with Patrick Stultz, he is my second son in so many ways. It was nice to have the help and his knowledge of horses is an added benefit.
We got so much done and the weather was awesome! A cool, crisp September day. Even the horses were enjoying it.

I began the day as I usually do by saying hello to Thor in his stall. I haltered him up and took him to his paddock, and let him graze a little along the way. I led him into his paddock and gave him an apple, which he gobbled up piece by piece. 

As i worked my chores throughout the day he kept a watchful eye on me LOL 
And he would call out to me, (whinny),  and pace the paddock fence.
He just makes me smile. 😊🐴

At the end of the day  I was exhausted and had hurt my foot so I was ready to get home. But before I left I wanted to spend some more time with Thor. 
So I haltered him and took him out of the paddock to graze. 
Aside from grooming him this is when I feel closest to him. It was the same way with Sir. Do any of you feel the same? Or is it just me?n 

 I brought him back to his paddock and started to take off his halter. And then it happened. That special moment when you connect with an animal. Or another being for that matter.
I untied his rope halter, expecting him to turn away from me and head over to the hay bag or to the water trough. But, he stayed. Hovered over me, rubbing his head on my shoulder, pushing his nose into me hand. Putting his chin on my shoulder, He was moving his lips on my hand and rubbing his nose on my hands as well. When I stroked/petted his neck he rested his head on me. When I stopped he rubbed my hand again with his nose and lips. 

I don't know how to explain it. Nor do I want to. All I know is that it felt special. It felt like we bonded. The connection was made, cemented. 
And I couldn't be happier! 

Sponsor a horse, or any rescue! They need the love and caring that we can give to them! 

And we need it to! 

Until next time.....

I remain 


Sir's Human And Thor's too 


Saturday, September 5, 2020

September 5th - Another great day at the rescue with Thor!

 Hi all

Wow! Can you believe that it's already September??!!!??? I guess dealing with COVID-19 moved the summer along so quickly for me. 
I have to admit that today was such a beautiful day. Temperature in the mid to high 70's and low humidity made doing chores so much easier. Even the horses were enjoying the weather.

I had Thor out to graze for a bit this morning. 
It's heartwarming that when he sees me round the corner of the barn he starts whinnying. I think that it's awesome that we are forming a bond so quickly. 
I put him back in his paddock and the work began. 
Lots to do which goes without saying. But it would be nice if there was more volunteers. 
But we make do with who we have when we have them. They are all dedicated hard working individuals for sure!
If you know of anyone who would like to volunteer have them call 631-689-1600 and follow the prompts for more information. You or they can also leave a message on the Facebook page.  You can find it by clicking here →Marlokai Equine & Animal Rescue Facebook Page. Please keep in mind that there are other Volunteer opportunities besides working with Horses. (If you are leary of getting close to one) 

I accomplished a lot today, and managed to groom Thor as well! He looked great afterwards and this picture that my friend Pete Casano took of us shows how shiny his coat was!

There are many horses at the rescue that are available for adoption and or sponsorship. Sponsoring is a nice way to support a horse without undertaking the expense of actually owning it.  
There are many ways that you can sponsor. Even pledging to buy a bag of grain, a bale or two of hay per month for that horse. Or you can up your game and make a monthly monetary donation towards  sponsoring the horse, If you live close enough you can visit the farm and the horse that you are sponsoring and spend some time with him or her. 
Again, if you are interested visit the website, Facebook or call the rescue at 631-689-1600. Or leave me a comment here and I will get the information to you. 

And if you want to, you can visit the Patreon page and become a Patron. Go To Patreon

Well that is it for now. I need to get horizontal and relax 😉

So please feel free to comment or ask questions. 

Until next time.......

I Remain 


Sir's Human (and Thor's too)

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Marlokai Rescue happenings

 Hi Everyone

As most of you who follow me on Facebook know I have started sponsoring Thor. We are getting acquainted. He seems very well mannered and responds to commands on the ground. I haven't ridden him yet. Like I did with Sir, I will take my time with him and form a bond. Thor is easy to groom, lifts his feet with no hesitation and stands patiently while I am working on him.
He is 13 year old, 17 hand Dutch Warm-blood.  He is a little bigger than Sir was. Sir was 16.3 hands.....still a nice size. 

Needless to say that I am happy to be around horses again and to have one to care for. 

The rescue is holding several Fundraising events. Some online and some onsite.

Visit their Facebook page to enter and for additional information about EVENTS. MEAR FB Page

Currently there is a Chinese Auction online. The raffle winners will be announced on the 30th of August starting at 8 pm on Facebook live. 

There will be a multi family yard sale on September 12th, with a rain date of September 13th.
The rescue is offering the public a chance to purchase a spot to set up their own table. The cost to purchase a spot is $20.00. Proceeds from the sale will benefit the rescue. If you would like to donate gently used items for the rescue to sell, you can do so and receive a Tax deduction for the items. 

On Saturday September 26th Rob West will be holding a clinic. Follow the link below for more information and to register. Space is limited so act fast. 

There are other events being planned as of this posting. So stay tuned to this Blog for updates. 

Please visit the Facebook page and click like 👍 Marlokai Equine and Animal Rescue

So that just about wraps it up......visit our Facebook page and donate if you feel moved. No amount is too small. If all of my friends on Facebook donated a dollar that would raise over $1500.00...

You can donate at PayPal.Me/Marlokairescue

Until next time.......

I remain


Sir's Human

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Marlokai Rescue Fundraising Event!

 Hi all

Well we are moving right along with our fundraising online event! 

It's a virtual Chinese Auction!! There are some great prizes being offered currently with more being added daily. 

The drawing will take place online on August 30th from 8:00 - 9:00 PM

Go to Online Chinese Auction to view the prizes and to get information about the event. 


Be sure to check back for events happening in September!

As always I remain.....


Sirs's Human! 

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Getting the lay of the land

Hi all

I hope that you are all safe and healthy! 

A lot has happened since my last post.............

After 16 years at JetBlue I took an opt out package and am enjoying some R&R. I am taking the month of August off and will seek employment starting September 1st.  I have a few job offers in the works and will make a decision once I get the particulars of employment. 

I do have to admit that I am more relaxed and stress free than I have been in a very long time. But I need to work. I like working and being productive. 

We had a tropical storm blow through here last week, mostly wind. But that wind wreaked havoc for us for a few days. No electric and lots of tree limbs that came down. The street that I live on was blocked by a giant 100+ year old tree that came down. The tree also hit a utility pole across the street from it, taking out the transformer and power lines. 

Luckily my brother in-law loaned us a generator so we could at least have the refrigerator, a fan, and our internet working. Needless to say that I  have ordered a generator for future security. 👍 

I have toyed with the idea of buying a generator for years. But it's one of those things that when the time comes you go back and forth about how often will I need it, is it really necessary, and blah blah blah! And usually our power is only out for short while when it has gone out, which has been pretty rare in the 30 years that we have lived here........

I have started volunteering at Marlokai Equine and Animal Rescue recently. It's a very well kept farm. The majority of the horses have been rescued from auctions in Pa. Most likely from Amish owners, and eventually the slaughter pens. 

So far my role has been on the administrative side. Which I enjoy doing. As with any and all rescues there is a lot to be done. Especially on the fundraising end of things. But we are up to the challenge for sure. We have some fundraising events in the planning stages and I will share those here on the blog as well as on the FaceBook Page and the website. 

The rescue offers Riding Lessons, Equine Assisted Therapy, Leasing, Sponsorship, just to name few.

If you have a desire to learn more about horses, or have a skill that you would like to donate your time doing to further our cause, call our Main Number for additional information: 631-689-1600 

Monetary Donations (Tax Deductible) can be made via PayPal 

Click Here  👉 Donate

I will post an update soon.....thanks for reading! 

As always, I Remain


Sir's Human

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Rescue Horses....Once again!

Hi everyone:

Two long years ago, on July 8,2018 I lost my horse Sir.
Since that time I have had an emptiness inside that I could not fill. I missed him, his bigness, his playfulness, and sometimes stubbornness. 

I missed being around horses. The smells and noises, the communication with these large beings.
I supported some Horse Rescues with donations online whenever I could. But I still missed being near them. 

I tried using this blog for other things, like posting animals that needed to be adopted, Fundraisers, etc. for both canine and equine alike. But to be honest, it was hard to get motivated without having the interaction with them physically. 
I would listen to the stories that my friend Rich would tell me from his days at the horse farm near his house in Pa. and I would envy him. But was over the moon happy for him as his love for horses rivals mine!

I had played with the idea of volunteering at a horse rescue, even went to an orientation or two. But they just weren't a fit for me at the time. Job responsibilities, etc. made my commitment level unsure.
Plus there was an underlying guilt about Sir. 

So as I did when I wanted to own a horse or be around horses, and knew that it was not probable, I left it to the Universe to guide me if it was meant to be.
Well recently the Universe decided that it was time! I was invited to visit a fairly new horse rescue and I went. 
I immediately felt the connection. I could hear the horses, smell the familiar smells, and could feel that surge of energy. 

So I will be volunteering and doing my best to assist the rescue to succeed. And when I read my post about Sir passing I saw that I had stated that I would carry on his legacy and do what I could to help the countless horses that need it.

We shall see what the future holds......I will post here now and then as things occur....

Until then........

I Still Remain