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Forever Watching
Forever Watching!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sir's Surgery update

Okay folks

So Friday's road trip to get the surgery done was a no go due to issues with the vehicle that was to pull the trailer.
I am a strong believer in things happen for a reason. Who knows what might have happened if we left on time?

We are going to go this Tuesday, They are going to freeze the tumors off with liquid nitrogen and then biopsy them.
I can't wait to get them off of him.

I spent a lot of time with him yesterday and Friday. I gave him a bath yesterday, It was like washing a truck! He is so big!
I love the way he greets me when I pull into the parking lot. His paddock is right there when you enter the farm. He gives me the stare down and watches my every move...almost willing me to come over to him LOL.

We have this bond.....I can't explain it. But those of you who own horses know exactly what I am referring to.

I will up date you all on Tuesday or Wednesday......

Thanks again for your caring and support!

Until next time......

I Remain


Sir's Human


  1. It's no wonder that horses ate used as therapy animals, he's helped you so much, and now you're helping him! Xoxo

  2. A special gift, for a man ~ brave & caring enough to open his broken heart, to help Sir & the North Shore Horse Rescue ~ tirelessly ! It's a beautiful thing that you are doing there Frank. My prayers are always with you & Lynn and now Sir as you continue to bring strength to each other .�� Love Andrea


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