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Forever Watching
Forever Watching!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Wonderful Weekend!

Hi Folks

Spent an awesome weekend out at the barn with Sir and our volunteer family 😉🐴
The weather was very much spring like with temps in the 60's and bright sunshine.
Sir seems to be doing really well. The medication seems to be working. He is eating.....well, like a horse LOL

The warm weather brought lots of people out as well. Both volunteers and the general public. The horses enjoyed both the attention and great weather,
As we turned each group of horses out they ran and bucked and stretched their muscles, happy to run and enjoy their turn in the large paddock.

Alexis Ritsch took lots of pics of the horses and of Sir. Thanks Lexi!

We are getting ready for our Comedy night on Feb 26th. And on April 22nd we will be holding our ASPCA Help A Horse Day. Some ideas being considered are an Civil War encampment, Chili Cook Off, Swap Meet, and some others.

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Sir's Human

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Still here ☺

Hi all

It's been a couple of weeks since I have posted.

I saw Sir over the weekend and again yesterday. He looked good. He seemed a bit stiff when we first started walking but gradually loosened up and was walking okay.
He seems so normal on the outside. But I know what is rumbling on the inside. I can only hope that he hangs on.

I wish that I could put into words how he makes me feel when I am with him. But no words could do justice to the overwhelming joy and euphoria that he brings me.

Yesterday when I was with him I was leaning over the top rail of the paddock fence and he came to me and was or seemed to be very needy. Needy of my touch and voice. So I accommodated him the best that I could. He seemed to be happy that I did.

Please continue with your prayers and rituals. And if you feel that you want to help with his medication a donation would be very much appreciated. Just mark in the notes field that it's for Sir's meds.

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Thanks again all!


Sir's Human