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Forever Watching
Forever Watching!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

A day of disappointment and sadness....UPDATE

Well as many of you who follow me on Facebook already know we adopted our Freya!

She is a Potcake from the Bahamas.
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About Potcakes

She is amazing to say the least. She is 6 months old and smart as a whip. A bit too smart at times LOL.
She asks to go out and do her business around 99% of the time.
Lynn has taught her to sit and beg, which didn't take long. In fact it was within the first week that she was with us, and she learned the reprimand "NO" as well.
She is already the Queen of the roost....well Wolfie reminds her now and then that he is still the King. 😄.
She is a ball of energy....typical Puppy wanting to play and explore. She loves to run in our backyard. She reminds me of a dog that we had years ago. Punkin> She was a German Short-haired Pointer/Irish Setter mix. She could run like a Gazelle!
Freya is the same.....All you see is a white flash!

Amazingly enough she was in the same kennel with the original dog that we had tried to adopt. And she was the dog that was carried out to us the day that we went to pick up the first one.
I guess we were blind to the signs that the Universe was sending us....."HELLO....THIS IS THE DOG THAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE!!!!! " 
And she was and is! She keeps Wolfie moving....he tries so hard to play with her but his age just won't let him. But he gives it his best shot just the same.
He has stopped the crying that he had been doing since his buddy Griffin crossed the Rainbow Bridge and that is a good thing.
He seems content with her, and they look for each other already when one is outside or they are not together.

So the old saying that it's meant to be holds true in this case.
This was truly meant to be!

Until next time! I am.....
Sir's Human!