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Saturday, May 21, 2016

May 20 Viacom Employees volunteer! what a day!

Hi all

Spent yesterday, 5/20 at the farm helping with an event that was held.
Approximately 15 people from Viacom made the the trek from NYC to volunteer at the farm and to get a feel for what it's like to work with horses.

What a great group! After signing in they listened to a brief talk by Laurel and Sue.We brought Mack and Black into the wash stalls and Lucy off to the side and the grooming began! They did a great job. I believe that it was a woman named Danielle. She was tasked with cleaning Mack's butt! LOL She was a trooper and was quick to the task. She did an awesome job.
The others groomed and mucked and did all that they were asked to do. All with a smile.
Most of them expressed that they would come back to the barn to help out.

Did some grooming on Sir. He was giving me his usual "What about me" stare. So I brought him out of the paddock and brushed him. Most of the shedding of his winter coat is done. Picked his hooves and applied hoof conditioner and some Thrush Blaster to all four hooves.
It's such a pleasure when he lifts his feet for me automatically.

We turned Sir, Bullet, Copper out in the big grazing paddock for around 30 minutes. Bullet took off like a rocket and showed that he truly is a thoroughbred.

It was along day for sure. Pete and I went out to a diner for dinner then went to his house for coffee and cake, He made a big bag of his famous caramel popcorn for Lynn. That stuff is great!

When I got home and finally hit the pillow I slept like a rock!

Today we kind of took it easy at the barn. I gave Sir a full groom today while he was grazing.
He tugs at my heart when he follows me to the gate of  his paddock. He stands there and watches me as until I pull out of the gate.

Man I love that guy!!

Until next time.......

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