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Forever Watching
Forever Watching!

Monday, December 27, 2021

Guess who continued

 Hello all

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas!
Ours was enjoyable and it was nice to be with family!

So as I was saying in my last post, I decided to leave it to the Universe as to whether I should have another horse or not.

I was on Facebook one day back in May and a post popped up about a horse that was available. 
A 13 year old Chestnut Mare 16hh OTTB. She was beautiful! 
She was the right age that I was looking for. She was chestnut. ( I love redheads! I married one!) LOL
My concern was that she was a mare and that she was a thoroughbred.
And of course the expense of owning a horse was a major concern.

So with some prodding from a friend, we went and met her. 
I watched as she was ridden for my benefit and she looked good.
She was brought over to the fence where we were standing and was so sweet. She nudged my hand a few times for me to pet her. Rubbed her head on my chest. Basically, she was playing me LOL

So over the next few days I wrestled with making the decision to purchase her or not. 
Eventually the pieces came together with some help from others and it seemed doable. 
So I purchased her! 

I couldn't wait for her to be delivered. And when she was I still couldn't believe that I owned another horse. I started researching her racing history and found that she had foaled twice. 
Earned roughly $50,000.00 and then the trail went dead. But that didn't matter to me.

I visited her during the week after work and on weekends to do my chores, I was rough boarding at a private barn.
It was a nice peaceful environment. And I thought that this was the place to be.
Until the rumblings from outside individuals began............

(To Be Continued.......)
Until next time


Ru's Human
& Sirs too


Thursday, December 16, 2021

Guess Who? Ru....that's who!

                                                     Photo Courtesy of Angela Sangiraldi

Hi everyone

As is my M.O. it has been months since I last posted. But those that follow me on Facebook know what has been going on with me. 

First let me say that I am no longer involved with a rescue. I will donate to those that I believe are doing the right thing. But as far as volunteering physically, that's doubtful. I cannot subject myself to the drama and heartbreak that tends to come along with being a part of one. 

Since Sir's passing I was empty. For reasons unknown to me I have always had an affinity to horses.
Maybe it's a past life cell memory? Be it as it may, I want to be around and near horses. It has been that way all my life.

At the last rescue that I was at I bonded with Thor. (I had blogged a couple of times about him).
I had hoped to turn my sponsorship into an adoption but it was not to be. 
And I have to say that it hurt. You form a bond with an animal for almost a year and then you have to cut ties.

Once I knew that I wouldn't be able to adopt him I played around with searching for a horse to buy. 
There were some nice ones to be had but they just didn't seem right. So as I usually do I left it to the universe to decide.
And it did! 

More about that in my next post! Promise that it won't be long in coming!

Until then! 

I remain.....


Ru's Human
& Sir's too 

Thursday, March 25, 2021

And this is Liberty


Alerted by a post on Facebook that this horse named Arrow was hours away from being loaded onto a trailer to be shipped to Mexico and ultimately slaughtered to be sold as meat, I knew that something had to be done! And quick!

She was listed as a Gelding, 14.3 hands, afraid, and appeared to have not been handled too much. She was hard to catch! 
Well when the Veterinarian examined "Him" he reported that He was a She! LOL
She had to be lassoed and sedated in order for them to examine her.

We raised enough money to save and transport her to NY from North Carolina along with a 4 year hold Thoroughbred castaway from a Texas Kill Pen named DJ Finale. 

Speaking with my wife, she came up with the name Liberty because we Liberated her from certain death! 
So Arrow who was a Gelding became a Mare named Liberty! 😂

Liberty and DJ arrived around 12:30 AM to our rescue. It was all I could do to keep my eyes open. We were in constant contact with the Transporter Diamond T Equine Transport. They are fantastic and I highly recommend them. They always had the horses well being at the forefront of the trip.

The driver let me know when they were close as I had requested, and I parked my vehicle at the end of the long driveway with my flashers on so that they could find it. 
As I saw the headlights of their truck round the bend my excitement rose. All of the frustration, letdowns, anxiety, etc. from the last week finally were  rewarded. 

My anticipation grew as they opened the trailer doors and we settled our account balance. Then there she was. She backed up off the trailer, nostrils flared, head high, eats straight up in the air! Taking in the new sites and smells. 
No screaming horses! No smell of fear or death! No known threats. 😊

We walked her around a bit to stretch her legs and she led pretty well considering what we were told. Then we put her and DJ in their quarantine stalls for the night. 
I got home around 2 AM and was so wound up that I didn’t get to sleep until around 3. 

I woke up at 6 AM the next morning and lazed around until mid afternoon. Then I headed back to the farm. 
Liberty wanted nothing to do with anyone. She was petrified. Trying to get the lead line on her was a chore. But we finally did. We were able to walk her and we took our time and were patient. And she did good. 

Monday I received a text telling me that she wasn’t eating and that she was lethargic, and not walking as usual. 
So I called the vet in. I met him there and he examined her. 
She had a fever, which after he looked at the paperwork from down south he determined that she was released with a fever, and she had pneumonia in her right lung. 
This was horrible news! 

He gave her a banamine shot and an antibiotic shot. Handed me a bottle of pills with instructions to give her 25 later that night. So I returned after work and we gave her the pills. And thankfully her appetite had returned and she took the pills in her grain!!

The Vet has been going there daily checking on her today and as of Wednesday her fever was gone. The report today was positive. No fever. One more antibiotic shot and pills for the next few days! 
I have to admit that I was very worried at first. He told me straight out that pneumonia in horses can be tricky. But our girl pulled through. 

When you adopt or save an animal you make a commitment to them. You become their voice, their advocate and they depend on you! 
We need support to save more from abuse and slaughter!
And any little bit that you can spare helps. 
Next time an update on DJ Finale. A soon to be 5 year old OTTB thrown away for failure to win the big purses!

Until next time I remain


Sir's Human & Thor's too!