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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Meadow and Confetti

 A FB Post from Elizabeth Gebers who spear headed this rescue:

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” 
John Lennon

Update on Stuart, Meadow and Confetti

I would like to update everyone on Stuart, a former Navy Korean War Veteran, and very brave soul who loves, adores and respects his four legged friends. 

Stuart is presently at home in hospice care.  Just recently, he came to terms with releasing his two beloved horses, Meadow and Confetti, over to North Shore Horse Rescue in Baiting Hollow, New York.  It was particularly bittersweet.  Stuart’s health has been rapidly declining over the past few months, and he can no longer provide for his pets.  NSHR will be temporarily providing feed, board, pasture, and an abundance of love and care for both horses until they are permanently placed in their forever home.  Initially, the key goal was to have the horses live out their lives up north with Sue, a true angel of a woman, and her husband Kevin who graciously offered to open their home and hearts to Stuart’s pets.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, alternative plans must now be made to provide a closer home for Meadow and Confetti. This on-going experience has truly been a mission of love, dedication and perseverance for all who have stepped forward to support Stuart and his horses during this crucial time in his life.

On a personal note, I strongly believe that Stuart, Sue, and myself were meant to make this initial connection.  The feeling of absolute necessity to bring the needs of Stuart and his horses to completion has been powerful.  We will honor Stuarts wishes in order for him to be reassured that his babies will be loved, respected, and cherished until they one-day meet again.  

The challenge still remains to place both horses together in a loving, caring, attentive family.  In addition, fundraising efforts are greatly needed for supplementary mounting fees.  They are in need of feed expenses, medical attention, dental work, and farrier needs.  If you are interested in information regarding the North Shore Horse Rescue Adoption Process or the Sponsor Program for Meadow and Confetti, please message me your inquiries.  If you would like to make a $5 contribution towards Meadow and Confetti’s fundraising efforts, please see the below listed link for further details on donating to their cause.  

Visit and click on the donate button. Please enter a note that this is for Stuart.
A great many thanks to all for your continued care, interest and support!  Please feel free to share with friends and family.

~ Elizabeth