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Monday, December 10, 2018

National Day of the Horse #NationalDayoftheHorse


This coming Thursday, December 13th is National Day of the Horse Day.
It's a good opportunity to help North Shore Horse Rescue & Sanctuary in our efforts to rescue and care for unwanted, abused, and in some cases abandoned horses.

As some of you know the rescue's first benefactor was Phoenix, a wild mustang.
She has lived at the rescue for 16 years now. Until last year she was of course standoffish when it came to interacting with humans. Through the many hours and days of patient bonding by one of our volunteers and her sponsor, Maril, she has allowed her to get up close to her and touch her.

And it is not only the wild horses that are affected.
Every year thousands of domesticated horses are sent to slaughter.

If a horse is deemed to have outlived it's usefulness it will most likely wind up in a kill pen. Thrown in with other frightened and cast-away horses where their ultimate destination is inhumane slaughter and to be sold as meat for consumption in some foreign countries.

We cannot save them all, but for the ones that we have saved and will save, we need to ensure that we provide them with the best life possible.
Winter is just about upon us and North Shore Horse Rescue & Sanctuary needs our help.
Won't you donate today in honor of National Day of the Horse?  Your contribution will help us to buy Hay and feed, provide Veterinary care, just to name a couple.

Please click the the links above to be taken to the website where you will find various ways to contribute. All donations are tax deductible.

I hope that you will join me in contributing in someway. Maybe a small donation in the memory of Sir. 🐎😊


Thanks for reading and please share this with your Social Media contacts.

I remain:

Sir's Human! 

Saturday, December 8, 2018

2018 Annual Appeal

Happy holidays loyal friends and supporters.
We wholeheartedly appreciate all you’ve given to our organization this past year.

This year’s annual appeal dollars will help us care for and re-home our latest rescue effort. We are looking to raise $3,500.00 for Meadow and Confetti who lost their longtime home. Their guardians, an elderly man and woman from Long Island could no longer keep them. Their owner is dying and will not pass on without knowing his horses, (in many ways) his children would not end up at auction.
That is when North Shore Horse Rescue and Sanctuary received a call for help and stepped in to ensure that Meadow a quarter horse mare, and Confetti a miniature Appaloosa gelding were in a trustworthy place.
They are adjusting to their new way of life with us.

Your donation will help to sustain all aftercare needs, including feed hay, bedding, supplements and any unforeseen veterinary care for this pair. Please know that past contributions aided the rescue of 42 horses over the years. As you might be aware of our Equine therapy program with Heart2Heart is paving the way as a credible mental health alternative. Our herd of rescues has become the most unusual compassionate therapists, in the most unexpected ways. A little-known fact is that horses have an incredible aptitude towards humans improving their mood and well-being.

As 2018 comes to a close, the Board of Directors, staff of mighty volunteers and our herd send whinnies, neighs and the light of the season thanking you for your caring generosity. We could not do this work without your support.

Remember, no donation is too small and all donations are tax deductible.

Donate at our website:, FaceBook Go Fund Me Campaign and Twitter.

Heart felt thanks!

The Board of Directors:
Laurel Palermo
Thomas Renzetti
Beth Springston
Chief Financial Officer
Lynn F. Gallo
Recording Secretary
Caitlin Rooney, DMV
Michelle Giovanniello
Victoria Mortimer
Frank Ruiz

John Andresen, DVM Honorary Member
Susan Hauser Attorney at Law Honorary Member

Louise Abitbol, MSW, R-LCSW Advisory Board Member
Lori Escallier, PHD Advisory Board Member
Ruth Pollack, JD, Primerica Representative Advisory Board Member

Friday, December 7, 2018

I'm back!

Hi all

After a long hiatus I am back. I was having issues with the domain name and finally fixed it last night.
Since Sir has passed on I haven't been out to the Rescue too often. It just seems surreal to me going there and not having him there to interact with. But the rescue and the horses there still are close to my heart!
But in all fairness I have accomplished so much here at home. I even built a deck that has a roof for my wife. 😉

I still serve on the Board and do what I can to assist with the website and social media.
I still haven't figured out what this Blog will be about or become, but I feel an obligation to keep it going in honor of Sir. Without his brief time in my life this Blog wouldn't exist.
So if you have any ideas or suggestions let me know by either commenting here or emailing me at

I will definitely be using this space to announce events at the rescue and other fund raising initiatives.

I hope that I didn't lose too many of you, and I can't blame anyone who I have.

So please send me suggestions on what I might concentrate on here.


And always; I remain Sir's Human!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Meadow and Confetti

 A FB Post from Elizabeth Gebers who spear headed this rescue:

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” 
John Lennon

Update on Stuart, Meadow and Confetti

I would like to update everyone on Stuart, a former Navy Korean War Veteran, and very brave soul who loves, adores and respects his four legged friends. 

Stuart is presently at home in hospice care.  Just recently, he came to terms with releasing his two beloved horses, Meadow and Confetti, over to North Shore Horse Rescue in Baiting Hollow, New York.  It was particularly bittersweet.  Stuart’s health has been rapidly declining over the past few months, and he can no longer provide for his pets.  NSHR will be temporarily providing feed, board, pasture, and an abundance of love and care for both horses until they are permanently placed in their forever home.  Initially, the key goal was to have the horses live out their lives up north with Sue, a true angel of a woman, and her husband Kevin who graciously offered to open their home and hearts to Stuart’s pets.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, alternative plans must now be made to provide a closer home for Meadow and Confetti. This on-going experience has truly been a mission of love, dedication and perseverance for all who have stepped forward to support Stuart and his horses during this crucial time in his life.

On a personal note, I strongly believe that Stuart, Sue, and myself were meant to make this initial connection.  The feeling of absolute necessity to bring the needs of Stuart and his horses to completion has been powerful.  We will honor Stuarts wishes in order for him to be reassured that his babies will be loved, respected, and cherished until they one-day meet again.  

The challenge still remains to place both horses together in a loving, caring, attentive family.  In addition, fundraising efforts are greatly needed for supplementary mounting fees.  They are in need of feed expenses, medical attention, dental work, and farrier needs.  If you are interested in information regarding the North Shore Horse Rescue Adoption Process or the Sponsor Program for Meadow and Confetti, please message me your inquiries.  If you would like to make a $5 contribution towards Meadow and Confetti’s fundraising efforts, please see the below listed link for further details on donating to their cause.  

Visit and click on the donate button. Please enter a note that this is for Stuart.
A great many thanks to all for your continued care, interest and support!  Please feel free to share with friends and family.

~ Elizabeth

Monday, July 30, 2018

End of our Journey. ......?

As most of you know Sir had to be put to sleep on July 8. His tired body just couldn't fight off the tick bite which caused liver failure. I just had to wait until I was ready to sit and go over this one more time.

In true Sir style he tried. He perked up when he saw me, but I could see the exhaustion in his eyes. His beautiful, see through to the soul, eyes. I wrestled with the idea of him no longer being there to greet me when I went to the farm. I tried to push down the selfishness of not letting him go. I just couldn't see him live like this anymore.

I spent Saturday with him in his stall. His stall has a window in it where he could look over the front of the farm. He could also oversee the volunteers and visitors that sat at the picnic table just below.
I fed him Alfalfa hay from his bucket and he ate like a champ. We hung out of his window together, he on my right, me on his left. Like two friends hanging out the window in my old Brooklyn neighborhood watching the activity on the street below.
I fed him carrots and he would nudge me for more. He would nibble on my arm with his lips and place his forehead to mine. He was so playful.

I told him how much I loved him, over and over. Thanked him for bringing me out of my sadness after my son Frankie passed away. For hanging on for so long and for fighting through illness after illness. And for teaching me how to love again without fear.
I told him that he could go over the Rainbow Bridge. That his first owner would be waiting for him as well as my Son, and countless others.
He placed his head on my shoulder like he did out in the field a year or so ago, as if to comfort me.
We put our foreheads together, I hugged him, kissed his face, looked into his eyes as I fought back the tears. I said "Goodbye my Friend". and felt peace come over the two of us.

I left his stall and then the doubts started....from way back in my mind.
"He was so alert! Should we wait?" Do we need another opinion?" and on and on. I am sure that most pet owners go through the same.

I sent a text to Laurel and told  her my thoughts and that I wanted to wait. We decided that we would talk it over in the morning

Fast forward to night time; I laid in my bed meditating and trying to connect with Sir.
It took awhile and finally I connected with him. He stood before me and suddenly different parts of his body would highlight showing me the areas where he had had issues that he overcame.
The spot where he had cancer, the kidneys, the heart, hooves, and liver.
Yes was time to go.
I sent a text to Laurel the next morning and told her that I was on board with his release from this plain.

I tried all day to gather the courage to be there when it was done. I just couldn't. I had such wonderful memories of us together and especially of the day before, Saturday.
My wife meditated and her vision was spot on. I shared it on facebook. If you would like to read it you can find it there, or I can post it here on the blog.

I went to the farm the following Saturday. Of course it didn't feel the same as before.
I visited his grave and said my piece. I could not feel him. He was free. As my wife Lynn saw in her vision, "He is a Pegasus now!"

Once I knew that he had transitioned I felt somewhat relieved, but terribly sad. A large part of my life was now empty. My friend Lori offered for me to work with one of her horses, Joseph. She is so thoughtful and has a heart of Gold! I am proud to call her my friend.

Some people took issue with the fact that I wasn't there when it took place. What I say to them is we all handle death in our own way. I experienced the death of my Son just shy of  5 years ago and I am still dealing with the loss of him. I made my peace with Sir on the day before he left, and frankly since he left as well. If you claim to be spiritual in your beliefs then you would understand my connection with Sir, then and now.

Thanks to Sir and Laurel....North Shore Horse Rescue & Sanctuary,etc. I was able to realize a life long dream. My dream to truly own a horse! To know what it was to feel his strength under me as I rode him, to feel the bond between us. To see his reaction when I would arrive at the farm, his recognition of me, his stink eye when I was leaving.
Thank you Sir for allowing me to be YOUR Human, and for being my friend!

So no, my journey is not over. There are other horses that could use my TLC and I am willing to share it with them.

I will carry you in my heart and in my soul for the rest of my days! And then when it is my turn to pass over I hope to ride a Pegasus....Sir!

Love to all and look for future blog posts.

I will Remain for the rest of my days!


Sir's Human 💓


Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Hi everyone

A lot has happened since I last posted.

Sir is currently struggling with some sort of tick borne disease. And he was not looking to good. He is on a regimen of antibiotics.  We'll see how he fares. His quality of life will be the decider as it should be.

We are planning on a fund raiser on March 16, 2019. It will be held at the Riverhead Aquarium. Dinner, dancing, Chinese Auctions, etc. More to follow.
I will let you all know when tickets will be available for purchase.

There will be some pretty cool raffles as well;

  1. A Shark Tank Dive
  2. Seal Kiss photo
  3. Pictures with the Penguin
We are working on obtaining a block of rooms for our supporters who travel a distance to attend. (Rooms will be limited so it will be first come first served) I will advise once they become available. 

This Saturday and Sunday we are holding our fund raising yard sale and hope to see you there!

Thank you all for your support now and throughout the years! Please don't lose sight of the fact that we are always in need of donations. 
Anything that can be spared is appreciated! 

$1.00 , $ choose. Want to donate a bale of hay? You can....just send $12.00 with a note that it's for a bale. 

Let me know if you have any questions! 


Sir's Human!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Always...Always be aware!

Hi everyone

It's been a long cold winter and it seems like it just doesn't want to yield to Spring.
We two leggeds aren't the only ones that can't wait for Spring to take a foot hold. Our four leggeds, horses, feel the same I am sure.
They have been relegated to their paddocks and barn stalls...back and forth for most of them. Now the new grass is sprouting. I am sure that it's scent carries on the breezes to the nostrils of the horses.

When we take them out of the paddocks to groom or move them to the barn, some seem to have pep in their steps. So we are aware and do what needs to be done to distract them and all is good with the world.

This past Saturday was more like a Summer day than a Spring day. We all felt invigorated; humans and horses alike!
I decided to take Sir to the wash stall to groom him. He is shedding his winter coat and I am sure that it itches him.....
He was good all the way to the wash stall. We stopped here and there along the way so that he could taste some of the the new grass that has started to grow.

I crossed tied  him in the wash stall and I could see immediately that he wasn't happy and was missing his pal Cisco. He was whinnying and pacing. I didn't want to upset him too much so I finished him up as quickly as possible. On my way to bring him back to his paddock Tommy reminded me that they would be staying in the barn that night due to the rain that was on the way.

I brought Sir into his stall as I usually do and was untying his halter when he quickly pulled his head out of the halter, turned quickly, knocked me into the wall of the paddock and bolted out of the stall.
I was in I ran after him and grabbed his tail....and he pulled me down the barn towards the door, unaware that I was even there holding his I released it and ran after him. He bolted past Louise who was bringing her horse Danny into the barn. I rounded the corner of Lakota and Sam's paddock and there was Laurel standing with Sir. I went to get Cisco and brought him to Sir.
He usually just stands there and lets me remove his halter and then goes about his business.

We all walked back to the barn together and placed them in their stalls.

Other than my pride being bruised somewhat, my lower back and shoulder is sore, but I am okay.
But the lesson here is to never get too comfortable or complacent, Sir is the most gentlest and kind animal that I know. As much as he is kind he must succumb to his instincts at times. All he could think about was getting back to his paddock and back to Cisco. Laurel explained that he is paddock sour. So we need to get him out more....and we will.

So ALWAYS be aware....always!

Until next time.....


Sirs Human

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Energizer 1/4 Horse????

Hi everyone

 It sure has been a long while since I last posted.
Things have been busy at my job and my private life. But it's all good!

Over the past few months I haven't spent much quality time with Sir. I have been to the rescue but regrettably I didn't do much with him. The weather has been brutal to say the least. But thankfully he had the attention of the Volunteers and of course Laurel.

I'm pretty sure that as a result of my not interacting with him much his attitude towards me changed. He really wanted nothing to do with his human.
I started paying more attention to him a couple of weekends ago. Brought him carrots and apple pieces. And generally just spent some time with him. I would talk up a storm to him about how he is the handsomest and how much I love him........etc.
And lo and behold he started to come around. This past weekend he saw me from a distance walking down the road to where his paddock is. He watched me intently all the way until I reached his paddock.

Like he used  to do he lumbered over to the fence and rested his chin on my shoulder. No treats....just me; and he was okay with it! We hung out for awhile and he never left the fencing until I patted his neck and said so long!
I haven't felt that way with him or from him in awhile. I can only describe it as Sir being affectionate.

Now that the days are longer I will be able to go a few nights after work to hang with my boy.
I know that we both need that TLC.

So last night I went out after work to be there when Dr. Wen arrived to check on Sir.
I was surprised when he said that it had been almost 2 years since he began treating Sir with Chinese Medicine and some traditional heart and water pills.

He did an examination and said that Sir was doing well. His heart rate was around 50, still faster than normal, but a whole lot better since the last time when it was racing so fast that the best he could count was around 125 beats. It should be around 25-30 at a standstill.
He told Laurel to increase the medication and that would deal with the residual water due to the heart condition.

I asked if I could exercise Sir at a walk and he said absolutely.  Laurel was concerned that when he is turned out he sometimes runs and gets excited. Dr. Wen said that it's nothing to worry about. Sir knows his limits. He also commented that he was surprised that Sir was still around.

I thought to myself...."did anyone ever doubt that he would be?!??" 😉

Until next time.........

Sir's Human

Click the link below LOL

Sir communicating with Heather Davis

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mailing List anyone???

Would you like to stay informed on what is happening with events and fund raisers and general news? Then join our mailing list when the pop up appears.

North Shore Horse Rescue & Sanctuary teams up with a perfect partner #GUNAS

Hi everyone

We were contacted recently by the Vegan hand bag maker #GUNAS. What a perfect scenario!
Their handbags are PETA approved Vegan.....Cruelty Free......NSHRS rescues neglected and abused horses; could anything make more sense?
We didn't think so either!

If you use this North Shore Horse Rescue & Sanctuary specific link #GUNAS you will receive a 10% Discount and #GUNAS will donate 10% to North Shore Horse Rescue & Sanctuary. It's a win win, don't you agree?

So head on over to their website using our specific link #GUNAS and check out their handbags!

Until next time......
I remain

Sir's Human

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Own Pets? Feed them? Have we got a deal for YOU!!

North Shore Horse Rescue and Sanctuary has teamed up with

How it works:
Once you’ve made a purchase and qualify (first time customer, one per household), North Shore Horse Rescue and Sanctuary gets a donation point, worth $20! At the end of the month we’ll receive a donation check for all of our referrals. So share this link with your friends and family members

Follow this link to support NSHRS. It's specific to North Shore Horse Rescue & Sanctuary
Order Pet Food Online and Save 20% + Free Shipping!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Happy 2018! Fund raising

Happy 2018!!!

The coming year is looking to be an exciting one. We are in the early planning stages of fund raising events.  They will be announced as soon as we finalize them.

The first fund raising event is right around the corner and you local supporters are sure to enjoy it. Invite your friends and family as well.

The Meetball Place will donate 15% of the food and drinks you purchase as long as we can turn in your receipts.
Good food, good fun, and for a great cause! Win Win for all!

I hope to see you all there.


Sir's Human