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Forever Watching
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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Volunteer Frank Ruiz Sr. Reporting for duty!

It must have been around the late April early May time frame of this year that I emailed the new volunteer coordinator, Sue J.
We exchanged several emails and she invited me to come out on a Saturday. So I accepted the invite and planned on it.

Now most people wouldn't know that I am sometimes reluctant to meet new people on my own. And I was hopeful that Lynn would have come with me but she had other plans. I hemmed an hawed about going. Saying how much I had to do around the house. But Lynn, my eternal supporter in this and other endeavors, told me to I did.

I got in my car and headed for the Long Island Expressway and parts unknown LOL
Ironically the exit for NSHR was the same as the exit for Kent Animal shelter. I followed the road all the way to Sound Ave and made a right and found my way onto the property eventually.

There were several people moving about doing chores. I was approached by a woman who asked if she could help me. And I said that I was looking for Sue. She extended her hand and with a great smile said "Hi, I'm Sue" I immediately felt the anxiety slip away.
She proceeded to take me on a tour of the farm and introduce me to the various horses. There were mini's, and draft, and quarter horses, etc. She kept reminding me to always be aware of them and not to lose focus. She also set me at ease bye reiterating that I would eventually get it.
She introduced me to Elizabeth and her daughter Erica, both volunteers. I paired up with Elizabeth and we mucked a paddock for awhile. Then Elizabeth asked if I wanted to help her groom a horse and I agreed.
This was my first encounter with Sir. He was in a paddock with 3 other horses. 2 of which made sure that he was aware that he was low horse on the totem pole. They constantly nipped at him and intimidated him. So he spent the majority of his time alone towards the back of the paddock.

Elizabeth walked him into the barn and cross tied him. As soon as I put my hand on him and began to brush him I felt a connection. I can't explain it, it just happened. She went and got another horse and left me to groom Sir. I did the best I could not having done it since I was a kid. But she was patient and helpful, and supportive.
Sue came by to check on us and she said that eventually I would connect with a horse and be it's caretaker. I immediately told her that already had made a connection. Surprised she asked who, and I told her Sir!
And so began my relationship with him.

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