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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A little bit about Sir. (No Pun intended) ;>)

Sir is a registered Quarter horse and man is he BIG! When I stand by his side his back comes up to my chin and I am 6' 1" tall. They tell me that he is 16 or 17 hands....
All I know is that when I dismount I feel like I am jumping off a roof! It's a long way down.

From what I know Sir was not physically abused but just as bad or even worse, he was mal-nourished. Either way, abuse is abuse!
I plan to highlight the many horses at NSHRS. Some of the stories will shake you to your core and make you question just how cruel people can be.

I waited awhile to ride Sir. I wanted to build that bond with him, and I did. I tried my McClellan saddle on him and his withers are so high that it didn't fit. (this is my life....nothing easy LOL)
So Laurel, as usual, was once again accommodating and let me use her saddle and tack.

Once in the saddle I was in a dream. He responded so well to the reigns, my legs, my voice commands. It felt as though I had been riding him for years. The first time that I rode him was in the round pen. Just to get used to each other.
The second time was started in the round pen and then we ventured out onto the property, Yes he tried to be boss and test me...but I wasn't having it and he soon realized that and we fell into sync.
The only issue was that he teeth needed to be floated and the bit was uncomfortable. So realizing that I got off of him and let him be.

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