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Forever Watching
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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Heard in the Herd

Last Sunday evening, August 16, a small group of us, about 25 or so, gathered in the large grazing field for a unique meditation. The meditation was led by it's creator Louise A.
We sat on hay bales that were formed into a large horseshoe. I'm not sure if that was intentional or it just happened. But you know what they say about coincidences.....

With the sun setting in the background and a cool summer breeze blowing, Louise introduced herself and gave a brief explanation of what would take place. A couple of other speakers shared their experiences and enlightened us with their words.
The sage bundle was lit and the sacred cleansing smoke was carried on the breeze across the field as Louise smudged and blessed us all with the sacred smoke.

The tapping began and the meditation as well as Jack, one of the resident dogs who I feel is the ambassador of the rescue, entertained us with his rolling on the ground in the center of the circle and his brief visits with each of us in the circle. He is awesome.

As the group sat and and concentrated their energies, Laurel, Tom, and I, went to escort the 4 horses into the field. They were Black, Bullet, Copper, and Sir.
We removed their halters and set them free in the field. You could see their reaction to the energy that was created in the circle. They herded together, all four, closely intertwined...for a minute or so....It seemed that as soon as they were in tune with the group's energy they relaxed and moved to the other end of the field.

Darkness soon fell and the group of people slowly rose to their feet and moved towards the horses. I introduced a few to Sir. And one in particular seemed to connect with him as she laid her hands on him. A flood of emotion came forth and she could not explain where it was coming from or why.
The truth is, it didn't matter....just let it flow.

Afterwards we all retired to the round pen where we enjoyed snacks and refreshments. It was nice to hear the different stories and the laughter. More importantly it was nice to make new friends and enjoy the old as commune with people of like minds.

I was blessed to have seen a couple of shooting stars as well....

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