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Monday, October 26, 2015

Great family weekend!

Hi again

What a weekend! I was asked to officiate the renewal of vows for my neighbors/friends. I was honored and I think that it went well. Our Grandson Jack went with us and then spent the night. There is no greater feeling than when you are sleeping and the little one cuddles with you. He reminds me so much of my son, his father. We are blessed to have him.

Sunday I went out to the barn a bit later than usual. And a new program was taking place. I really can't elaborate too much until I am given the go ahead. All I can say is that the horses are being utilized to help Veterans with PTSD.
And Sir was one of the horses chosen to assist, He is such a gentle soul. Everyone who meets him instantly finds a connection with him.
He has such a calming energy. Hey he saved me ;U)

After the program was completed I went into his paddock to say hi. His back was turned towards me and he was eating. True to form I called to him and he raised his head and turned to face me. Ear up.eyes wide open, and neck straight as an arrow. God I love him!
I walked up to him and he placed his head in my hands and welcomed my petting. I hung with him for awhile and turned to leave and he walked right beside me rubbing his face on my shoulder.
No way could I leave him then! LOL. I put the halter on him and took him out for a walk and some grazing time. I find these times with him the most satisfying.
We are alone and I can empty my heart and soul without fear of criticism or judgement. I let it all out and he just listens. ( I would shit my pants if he answered me)
But in some ways he does answer me. Those of you who "get it" will understand.

Later on in the day I was excited that my wife Lynn, Daughter in-law Ilana, and Daughter Alison came out with my two Grandsons Nathaniel and Jack.

I took Sir out to get him ready to tack up and Jack was so excited. He kept asking if he could ride him.  He was asking questions as I groomed Sir and seemed very interested.
I took Sir to the round pen and all were given rides. Jackie held on to the saddle horn for dear life. But for a 3 year old he did well. Nathaniel had no issues with it. He sat straight and enjoyed the ride. The adults enjoyed their rides as well.
But no one was happier than me.

Afterwards I took everyone out to an Italian restaurant. The food was great, but the desert was even better.

Until next time!


Sir's Human

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