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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pony ride weekend

I went out to the farm last Saturday to help with the pony rides. I arrived around 8 AM and helped with whatever I could to get ready. Pete showed up and we turned out Sir and his horse Bullet in the large field at the front of the farm to graze.
Bullet took off....well like a Bullet. He showed his enjoyment by running, jumping, and bucking. He ran around in circles at full speed. He showed his true thoroughbred style. It was awesome to see. There were even cars pulling over to watch. You could see the pride in Pete's face.
Laurel eventually asked that we turn out their paddock mates Copper and Black and we did.

Marissa, Gina,and I took Janet into the barn for pre-saddle grooming. Janet loved it! 3 brushes going at the same time....she was in heaven.

We brought her out to the pony ride area and waited. The traffic in the street increased and so did our line for rides. And as usual, Janet did great! Come ride the worlds largest pony LOL.
I understand that Sunday the rides were booming!

When it was quitting we went back to the barn and hung out for a while. Laurel passed out some cold Stella beers and it washed the dryness and the day's dust out of my throat.
It was what the doctor ordered! LOL

I went to see Sir before I left. I leaned on the fence rail and watched my big boy eating his hay. I called to him and asked if he wanted to say goodbye. He raised his head and strolled over to where I was. He placed his big head in my hands and I stroked his neck and nose. He looked at me while I was talking to him as if he understood the words I was saying. When I would turn to walk away he put his chin on the top rail and stared me down.
I remembered that I had some treats in my car and shared them with him and his herd and Mack and Janet LOL.

Copper eventually pushed Sir out of the way and I decided it was time for me to head home.

Usually when I leave I miss him. But this time was different. It felt like he and I had a stronger bond...a stronger connection.
I am so looking forward to going back out there this Saturday to see him and to assist with the pony rides.
I am so very grateful for NSHR and for Sir!

I hope to see you this Saturday or Sunday at one of the pony ride days!

Till next time!

Sir's Human

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