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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cold,windy,and Rainy...but who cared

Hi all

I arrived at the farm around 8:00 AM on Saturday morning. The weather was typical of the
Nor-Easter that was upon Long Island. The wind was whipping and at times the rain was heavy and coming down sideways. The temperature was in the 50's and it made for a cold damp day,
The paddocks were a muddy mess to say the least and I was thankful that I had brought my rubber boots.
When I rolled the barn door open I saw that most of the horses were in.....including Sir. He was busy eating his hay but when he heard my voice he lifted his head and came over to say hello. We did the obligatory "I rub your head and cheeks and you rub my shoulder with your head" greeting. Then he went back to eating his hay and looking over at me every once in awhile.

I helped Tommy distribute the buckets and then I helped with the mucking of the stalls. Of course starting with Sir's. And of course he did what he usually does when I am hanging with him in the paddock. Nudging me and demanding my attention LOL. And of course I surrendered.

I continued with the other stalls and also filling water buckets, Then a wedding party arrived to take pictures. This was to occur outside originally but with the weather it was moved inside. So for 2 hours we were put on hold while they shot their pics and videos.

However, it was rewarding at the same time. You could see the mutual enjoyment of us humans and the horses. We were hanging out...four leggeds and two leggeds.
At one point I was talking to Louise and Laurel and was leaning on a tack box, Simba the cat jumped up and laid down in the crook of my arms with his front legs resting on my arm. And Sambuca was resting his head on my shoulder. I can't describe the feeling that I was great!

It's moments like this that really make me shake my head when I think about how horrible some of these tender loving horses were abused, How can humans be so heartless.
Thank God for rescues like NSHR. These horses will live the rest of their lives safe, sound, and happy!

Till next time,,,,,,


Sir's human


  1. Very sweet, Frank. I can see you there with the cats laying all over you. Xo

  2. Thanks Lilly...this place is my oasis!


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