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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Stupid Horse!....Dumb Animal!!!

Ha! Got your attention ?

The more that I am around Sir and the other horses I am realizing that they are pretty damn smart.

I took Sir out of his paddock yesterday to groom him and to take him for some grazing time.
He walked out of the paddock and gave me the half turn that I always ask for. I locked the gate and started walking with him. We had to walk past my car and Sir guided me over to the rear drivers side door and stood there staring through the window. No he wasn't admiring himself in the reflection of the window. He was waiting for me to open the door and give him his favorite treats. So I opened the door and gave him some treats.
Now is that smart or what?!!???!!?? This was not due to repetitive actions. I did this with him maybe twice before. But in that 2 times he learned.
There are so many other examples of how smart horses are like; knowing their names, coming when called, not coming when another horse is called. And so many more.

So my point here is when people refer to horses as dumb animals, stupid horses, etc. they are either not teaching their horses or they are blind to what is really happening.

If you have additional examples of why you think horses are not dumb or stupid post a comment here. This blog is read by many people all over the US and the world! So lets educate them!

Next time I will fill you in on our Paranormal Investigation at the barn!

Until next time

Frank....Sirs Human!

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