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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Energizer 1/4 Horse????

Hi everyone

 It sure has been a long while since I last posted.
Things have been busy at my job and my private life. But it's all good!

Over the past few months I haven't spent much quality time with Sir. I have been to the rescue but regrettably I didn't do much with him. The weather has been brutal to say the least. But thankfully he had the attention of the Volunteers and of course Laurel.

I'm pretty sure that as a result of my not interacting with him much his attitude towards me changed. He really wanted nothing to do with his human.
I started paying more attention to him a couple of weekends ago. Brought him carrots and apple pieces. And generally just spent some time with him. I would talk up a storm to him about how he is the handsomest and how much I love him........etc.
And lo and behold he started to come around. This past weekend he saw me from a distance walking down the road to where his paddock is. He watched me intently all the way until I reached his paddock.

Like he used  to do he lumbered over to the fence and rested his chin on my shoulder. No treats....just me; and he was okay with it! We hung out for awhile and he never left the fencing until I patted his neck and said so long!
I haven't felt that way with him or from him in awhile. I can only describe it as Sir being affectionate.

Now that the days are longer I will be able to go a few nights after work to hang with my boy.
I know that we both need that TLC.

So last night I went out after work to be there when Dr. Wen arrived to check on Sir.
I was surprised when he said that it had been almost 2 years since he began treating Sir with Chinese Medicine and some traditional heart and water pills.

He did an examination and said that Sir was doing well. His heart rate was around 50, still faster than normal, but a whole lot better since the last time when it was racing so fast that the best he could count was around 125 beats. It should be around 25-30 at a standstill.
He told Laurel to increase the medication and that would deal with the residual water due to the heart condition.

I asked if I could exercise Sir at a walk and he said absolutely.  Laurel was concerned that when he is turned out he sometimes runs and gets excited. Dr. Wen said that it's nothing to worry about. Sir knows his limits. He also commented that he was surprised that Sir was still around.

I thought to myself...."did anyone ever doubt that he would be?!??" 😉

Until next time.........

Sir's Human

Click the link below LOL

Sir communicating with Heather Davis

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