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Forever Watching
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Monday, April 16, 2018

Always...Always be aware!

Hi everyone

It's been a long cold winter and it seems like it just doesn't want to yield to Spring.
We two leggeds aren't the only ones that can't wait for Spring to take a foot hold. Our four leggeds, horses, feel the same I am sure.
They have been relegated to their paddocks and barn stalls...back and forth for most of them. Now the new grass is sprouting. I am sure that it's scent carries on the breezes to the nostrils of the horses.

When we take them out of the paddocks to groom or move them to the barn, some seem to have pep in their steps. So we are aware and do what needs to be done to distract them and all is good with the world.

This past Saturday was more like a Summer day than a Spring day. We all felt invigorated; humans and horses alike!
I decided to take Sir to the wash stall to groom him. He is shedding his winter coat and I am sure that it itches him.....
He was good all the way to the wash stall. We stopped here and there along the way so that he could taste some of the the new grass that has started to grow.

I crossed tied  him in the wash stall and I could see immediately that he wasn't happy and was missing his pal Cisco. He was whinnying and pacing. I didn't want to upset him too much so I finished him up as quickly as possible. On my way to bring him back to his paddock Tommy reminded me that they would be staying in the barn that night due to the rain that was on the way.

I brought Sir into his stall as I usually do and was untying his halter when he quickly pulled his head out of the halter, turned quickly, knocked me into the wall of the paddock and bolted out of the stall.
I was in I ran after him and grabbed his tail....and he pulled me down the barn towards the door, unaware that I was even there holding his I released it and ran after him. He bolted past Louise who was bringing her horse Danny into the barn. I rounded the corner of Lakota and Sam's paddock and there was Laurel standing with Sir. I went to get Cisco and brought him to Sir.
He usually just stands there and lets me remove his halter and then goes about his business.

We all walked back to the barn together and placed them in their stalls.

Other than my pride being bruised somewhat, my lower back and shoulder is sore, but I am okay.
But the lesson here is to never get too comfortable or complacent, Sir is the most gentlest and kind animal that I know. As much as he is kind he must succumb to his instincts at times. All he could think about was getting back to his paddock and back to Cisco. Laurel explained that he is paddock sour. So we need to get him out more....and we will.

So ALWAYS be aware....always!

Until next time.....


Sirs Human

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