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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Rough day...but Sir was there

I and Nicole arrived at the barn at around 7:30 AM today to assist Sue with the feeding. Laurel and Tom went up to a big Equine event in Mass. Sounded like a really large flea market. They had a well deserved day to themselves.

As most of you know today is the 2nd anniversary of my son's passing, It was not an easy day emotionally, But I was surrounded by such wonderful and supportive friends. And the numerous postings on facebook and the text messages truly helped. Thank you all!

After the feeding was completed we hung around and talked about things....just stuff.
The day was beautiful. There was a slight breeze and the sun was shining and the temperature was way above normal,

I decided that I was going to ride Sir. I figured just an easy ride. A walk is all.
So I groomed him and got the saddle and pad on him. But when I went to put the bridle on him it was out of whack. It just wasn't fitting right. When I used it yesterday when Elizabeth and her daughter Erika rode him it was fine. But not today. I just couldn't wrap my head around it. My abstract mind, usually good, was not cooperating.  And at that point I just did not have the energy or the patience. So instead of letting Sir pick up on that I gave up and took him out to graze. He enjoyed that better than being ridden I'm sure. I may just buy my own before Christmas ;>)
My friends Pete and Rosemarie both offered to let me borrow their Hackamores but I declined, I just felt that it was a sign that I shouldn't ride. But this is the degree of niceness that these people possess. So very caring, Even a new acquaintance, Lori, who I wrote about yesterday(adopting 2 horses), gave me a bottle of wine that she had delivered from Italy. To help me and my health. I just met her a few weeks ago! I thank God and the Universe for getting me to the rescue. It's my oasis!

So we got through another day without my boy. Hopefully a little bit stronger for it.
Thanks to all of you for the support you show to Lynn and I.

Until next time
I Remain Sir's Human


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