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Friday, February 22, 2019

My First Adoption Appeal. Starring Olivia!

Please help us find Olivia a home!!

Please see the comments below from Elizabeth ( A Volunteer at Islip Animal Shelter)

Olivia has been at the shelter for close to a year. She desperately deserves a chance with a loving family or individual.
I honestly believe she is one of the sweetest, all around "Diamond in the RUFF" !

Olivia really needs a chance because prior to arriving at the shelter, her life was not an easy one and yet she always keeps her bright and sunny disposition.

 I am offering to cover Olivia’s adoption fees for the family or individual who is truly interested in giving her a loving home.
Olivia is available for adoption  Islip Animal Shelter & Adopt a Pet Center
Please feel free to contact me on Facebook Elizabeth on Facebook, and hit your SHARE button to pass Olivia’s story forward. 

It only takes one small positive step to make something great happen. Thank you all😊😉


There you have it! I met Olivia during our search for a dog. She truly is a big mush! You can feel her happiness. My wife called her a leaner. You know the kind of dog that leans into your leg when you are petting it. Like they can't get close enough to you 😉

Please give Olivia consideration! 

I Remain


Sir's Human!

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