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Sunday, February 24, 2019

A day of disappointment and sadness

Hi all

As some of you know my wife and I have been looking for a dog to adopt into our home. Wolfie, our dog who we rescued 6-7 years ago, needs a pal. Since his pack mate Griffin passed he has been sad. He still lies in a position where he can see the front door and he cries. When he sees other dogs his tail starts wagging and he gets all excited to play with them.  Recently his buddy Doogan had to be put to sleep.
He enjoyed going to my sister in-law's house to play with his bud Doogan. And now, sadly, he doesn't have that any longer.

So last Saturday we went to a couple of rescues and did a face time with another in hopes of finding the right one to give a Fur-ever Home to.
And we did find one! We instantly fell in love with her! We submitted the application on the spot and received a call during the week that we were approved and she was ours. A follow up call a couple of days later told us that she had been spayed and we could pick her up on Saturday.

So Lynn went to the pet store and bought her a collar and a leash, etc. We were so excited to bring our little girl home. People at my job were congratulating me and wishing me luck, and some were genuinely happy and excited for Lynn and I.

Friday night sleep was not to be had! I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve. In fact I was up and ready to go hours before we were to leave. Lynn even commented and chuckled how she had not seen me this excited and involved in a dog adoption in a long time.

We arrived at the shelter and were told that they would bring her out to meet our dog Wolfie. But the dog that they brought out was not her. Even the Kennel Supervisor questioned it as he was walking towards us, He said that he thought that we wanted the other pup. He went back to the kennel to get her for us. Minutes passed and it seemed like an eternity. We knew then that something wasn't right. There we were standing in the cold with Wolfie waiting for the pup to be brought out.

Then the words that we knew were coming and dreaded were spoken. Some how through an error she had been adopted the day before by someone else and the people refused to give her back.
I ran the gamut of emotions......We had only been with this Pup for maybe 15 minutes the week before but the feeling of sadness was as if we had had her for years.

The rescue took my cell number and said they would continue to call the people who had her. They were leaving messages because they weren't answering their phone. So we came back home with hopes that we would get a call with positive news.

That news never came........Lynn called them to follow up and we were told that there was nothing that we could do. The people had threatened the rescue with lawyers and you can figure out the rest.
However, in an effort to make it right, the rescue offered us a free adoption. They are getting more dogs in next week and we will be afforded an opportunity to choose one.

It still doesn't take away the sadness. But it's something.

Lynn and I have always been strong believers in that the animals we have had and will have always come to us. They choose us. And honestly we have been blessed over the years with the most incredible animals that have come to us in that way.

So next Saturday we'll go and see if any of them chooses us.....we will never know what life would have been like with that precious little one....but one thing that we do know is that she is in her Fur-ever home and not in a shelter.

Remember......"Adopt.....Don't Shop!!"

I remain


Sir's Human

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