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Sunday, January 1, 2017

The end of 2016

Happy New Year everyone!

I can't believe that another year is in the books. 2016 was a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs. But I can honestly say that there were more ups than downs for me, Sir, and the North Shore Horse Rescue and Sanctuary.
As those of you who follow this blog and the facebook pages you have seen both sides.

Early in the year it started; Sir had two tumors on his scrotum. Thanks to all of you we raised enough money to take him to the Equine Hospital in Connecticut to have them removed. They tested positive for cancer. He was prescribed Chinese Herbs to cure it but he had a bad reaction to it. Then there was hope, It was suggested that it may only be a tick born disease. He began taking anti-biotics. Unfortunately blood work suggested that it was not caused from a tick bite. However, the blood work did not indicate cancer was present. But he was losing weight and was not eating. He took to eating dirt in search of something that he was lacking. He urinated blood and more worry set in. Laurel however was sure that it had to do with his kidneys and Dr. Wen was called. He confirmed the kidney issue and advised that it was curable. He prescribed more Chinese Herbs and the transformation was almost immediate! After few weeks Sir was eating well again and was putting on weight. He was more interactive and energetic.
Needless to say we were relieved.

In addition to the above he developed bruised hooves and special shoes were put on. He also developed "Scratches"  on his rear legs. Not scratches like a scratch on your skin, (Learn More Here)
The cause of this is a mystery to us because his paddock is dry and his stall is always clean with fresh bedding.

Most recently I received a text from Laurel advising me that he was collicking. I rushed out to the barn and arrived just after the Vet had left. Sir had a huge gas bubble that he could not pass. He was given a gallon of mineral oil and a gallon of water.
We walked him around the front paddock in the snow trying to keep him mobile and to hopefully get him to pass gas. He did fart a few times and it was comical how happy and rejoiceful Laurel and I were.
We had him in his stall and he wanted to lie down a couple of times so we got him moving again. The fear was that he would cast in the stall and we would not be able to get him back up or away from the wall very easy. I stayed until around 7:30 and Laurel told me to go home. Tommy was up all night keeping an eye on him.
In the morning I receive the welcomed news that Sir had passed 3 oily poops and was passing gas.He was eating and was back to normal. I was happy to see that when I arrived.

Tommy and Laurel are the best! They truly care about each and every horse at the barn Whether they are rescues or borders. They always go above and beyond for all the horses,24/7 care! I'm sure that there are not too many other barns that offer that!

We lost our dog Griffin to pancreatitis in November. It was devastating to Lynn and I. He was my little pal. He is in a better place now for sure.

And finally, Mack.....the gentle giant lost his battle with cancer. He was the Mayor and Ambassador of the barn for 10 years, He survived 2 1/2 years longer than expected with the help of Dr. Wen.
We all miss him! You can feel his spirit when you are there. The dogs definitely are aware of his presence.

It was not all gloom and doom!

We Picked up some fantastic new Volunteers! People who share our passion for the horses and their well being. Hardworking individuals who never shy away from the task at hand! Each with their own talents and abilities, and much to bring to the table. Combined we are becoming a force to be reckoned with! With or army of volunteers and advocates we will bring the rescue the next level.

We held some fun and profitable fund raising events, Help a Horse Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day Yard sales, Comedy Club, Paint night. Just to name a few. We intend to hold these events again and some others in 2017. The comedy club event will be held at least twice. Watch for it as the tickets sellout fast!

Finally, the last financial report that was shared at the end of the 3rd quarter showed that the rescue had it's most successful fund raising year yet.
This is direct result of those of you who have supported North Shore Horse Rescue & Sanctuary this year and throughout it's 15 year history.

The work is not yet done. There is still much to do and bills to pay. I hope that you we can continue to count on you this year to donate and support the horses. Remember that no donation is too small.

Until next time.......

Happy New Year


Sir's Human

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