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Monday, December 14, 2015

Something is wrong with Sir! (well maybe not)

Hi All

Let me begin by saying that there is nothing wrong with my boy Sir! Other than being spoiled that is ;)

Laurel told me this story the other day;

I was standing at the barn door admiring Sir and I said to Laurel, "Man I love that horse" She giggled and said " I forgot to tell you what happened the other day.

She was in the house working on paperwork, etc. when Cale came into the house in a frenzy. She could see that he was upset about something. She asked what was wrong and he was so upset that he was stuttering and and stammering. He was finally able to get out something to the affect that "It's Copper" (Copper is one of Laurel's personal horses.). She explained how she was up and out the door in a flash. Now in my minds eye I could see her moving so quickly that papers flew into the air and settled gently back to the desk and floor as she exited. Cale's hair was forced back and his eyes forced shut from the force of the turbulence she caused. LOL

So she rushes towards the barn to get a halter, in the distance she can see our Volunteer Coordinator Sue. She asks Sue what is wrong with Copper and Sue tells her that it's not Copper. It's Sir!
Laurel pauses for a second and observes the situation....Sir is standing there, tail swishing, and going about his business as usual. She asks what was wrong and Sue explains that Sir was lying on the ground and his legs were flailing or moving. Laurel thought that he may have been suffering from colic. Now this would not have been good because Sir has a heart murmur which prevents him from having surgery.

After assessing the situation Laurel came to the realization that Sir was only DREAMING! Just like dogs and other animals do.
(I'd like to think that he was dreaming of he and I out for a ride on the wide open plains of Montana or somewhere galloping and enjoying the day!)

All joking aside, I am so glad that he is okay!

Laurel.....thanks for the laugh(s)!

Until next time.....


Sir's Human

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