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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Pony Rides for all!!!

This past Saturday we loaded up Tate, Beauty, Sambuca, and Janet and headed out to the Hallockville Fall Festival.
Laurel, Emma, Karen and I unloaded the horses and the various other items. The horses were put in their temporary lodging and Janet was saddled and ready to go.

The flow of people was steady: all shapes and sizes; big kids, little kids, and adults, all came to ride.
The look on some of their faces when they saw how big Janet is was hilarious.

You really cannot tell from this picture just how big she is. She is a Draft horse...a gentle giant.

I started kidding people telling them that they were riding the "World's Largest Pony"! They laughed and we had fun with it.
It was nice to know that we also helped some people overcome their fear of getting up on her.

One young boy broke into song as Laurel was walking Janet around. Arms outstretched, head back, he was singing, I believe I can fly.....I believe I can touch the sky......aside from that he was giggling and saying how happy he was, and that he could do it forever! His voice was filled with joy!

Then there was the lady who was hesitant...had ridden once before a long time ago, but had a bad experience because she was put on a horse that was not suited for a beginner, The horse took off on her,running across a highway.
I assured her that Janet was safe and told her that if it didn't feel right I would give her money back. She thought about it for a minute and then agreed, She really seemed to enjoy it!

There were many others as well. I just love working with the public. I told people that Janet was named after Janet Jackson and to watch because she sometimes does the moon walk! We all got a good laugh about that as well.

The time came to break down and load up. We were all exhausted, Karen spent the entire day baking in the sun talking to people about Beauty, Tate, and her horse Sambuca. She is a trooper!

We had a bit of a problem getting Beauty to board the trailer but eventually he just walked right in.

Janet got on her trailer and then off. So Laurel told me that once she had her on again I was to raise the back ramp/door. Okay,....aside from the door being heavy and not raising smoothly, this seemed easy enough. Ya think??!!!!???!!??? LOL
Janet got in the trailer, so I bent over to raise the door...and as I was doing that she decided to back out. I saw her coming, so I crouched down, moved slightly to my right and she bumped into my left shoulder....and stopped.  Meanwhile at the other end of Janet's lead line Laurel was conjuring up every ounce of strength that she had left and held on tight trying to save me.  The veins in her neck and head were bulging....her eyes were popping out of her sockets.....her muscles were taught and rippling....But she never dropped her golden lasso...

LOL...all joking aside...she feared the worse and rightfully so.... but it was all good.

We had a blast and  I look forward to the next event...I am hearing rumblings about a Chili Cookoff...

Maybe I will sell Gas-X......corner the market??? 

Until next time!!

Frank...Sir's Human

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