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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Guess Who? Ru....that's who!

                                                     Photo Courtesy of Angela Sangiraldi

Hi everyone

As is my M.O. it has been months since I last posted. But those that follow me on Facebook know what has been going on with me. 

First let me say that I am no longer involved with a rescue. I will donate to those that I believe are doing the right thing. But as far as volunteering physically, that's doubtful. I cannot subject myself to the drama and heartbreak that tends to come along with being a part of one. 

Since Sir's passing I was empty. For reasons unknown to me I have always had an affinity to horses.
Maybe it's a past life cell memory? Be it as it may, I want to be around and near horses. It has been that way all my life.

At the last rescue that I was at I bonded with Thor. (I had blogged a couple of times about him).
I had hoped to turn my sponsorship into an adoption but it was not to be. 
And I have to say that it hurt. You form a bond with an animal for almost a year and then you have to cut ties.

Once I knew that I wouldn't be able to adopt him I played around with searching for a horse to buy. 
There were some nice ones to be had but they just didn't seem right. So as I usually do I left it to the universe to decide.
And it did! 

More about that in my next post! Promise that it won't be long in coming!

Until then! 

I remain.....


Ru's Human
& Sir's too 

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