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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

We're On The Move!!

The World of Horse Rescue
North Shore Horse Rescue and Sanctuary
Baiting Hollow, NY: The Pioneers for Permanency
It all started 15 years ago with a stroke of a pen and a signature marking the humble beginnings of a horse farm destined to enter the world of horse rescue.
Not much is known about the particular history of horse rescues, but its safe to say that horses have forged their way into a bond with humans since the beginning of time.  Thanks to Henry Bergh in 1866 who publicly reprimanded a cart driver for whipping his horse the modern-day American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), set the groundwork to expose the plight of animals.  Today, with the help of advocates and not for profit organizations, awareness has been raised about animal cruelty. 
Over 40 horses have graced the paddocks of North Shore Horse Rescue and Sanctuary over eight years.  The owners Laurel Palermo and Thomas Renzetti celebrate their efforts to rescue rehabilitate and find suitable forever homes for the horses in their care.  As horses derive their very essence from inclusion in a herd, this small rescue honored them by creating a communal environment in which to heal from the loss of their homes, fellow horses and horse families.  This operation took place on land leased to North Shore Horse Rescue.  This situation carried with it rent increases and many restrictions on raising money.
As the story evolved from humble beginnings the organization is now at the point in its history to be strong enough to provide for its sanctuary herd and those horses waiting to be helped, a permanent home deep in the heart of Riverhead.  Over a substantial span of time a small band of pioneers led the effort to find a forever home for this operation, which now includes a rehabilitative arm for humans.  It is believed by many native tribes that all animals are great teachers. 
The Board of Directors extends special thanks and recognition to the official band of “Pioneers for Permanency” for their tireless efforts and generosity in making our search a reality.  This groups’ ability to communicate with each other was one of the most valuable skills we learned from this process.  More importantly, in our daily work with horses we all developed through their role modeling the importance of the relationship we created. 
“The Pioneers”:
Louise Abitibol
Pete Casano
Dr. Lori Escallier
John and Tess McKellen
Frank J. Ruiz Sr.
Jacqueline Silano
The Pioneers will be forever memorialized in a carving to be installed in the new barn of our new home.

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