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Monday, July 10, 2017

Say hello to my lil friend 😉

Hi all

What a shock huh? I am posting so soon 😉

I was home this past week on vacation. My intention was to roll up my sleeves and do some work around the yard and a few things to my car. Monday was spent at the rescue at a last minute addition to our yard sale weekend, and the rest of the week I was at the rescue helping out. So much for getting stuff done! LOL Thank God that I have an understanding wife. 😇

Sir has been very itchy and Laurel has been bathing him with conditioners, etc.
I bathe him on Friday....once with shampoo and once with conditioner. You would think that he would be grateful??? LOL
It almost seemed intentional that he waited for me to get around to washing his hind quarters and rear to fart. Not just a toot! But oversized Quarter Horse mega farts. Longggggggggggggg ever lasting, tail up, what the hell have you been eating, knock a buzzard off a shit wagon farts!!! It kind of wrapped around my face and I had to shake my head to break free. I figured that I was safe from getting pooped on as he had just done that. But I wasn't going to take a chance, I kept a close eye on him. 😒 🐴

All in all he is still doing well. The meds are working. He is full of energy as well. We re-established our bond this past week. He is acting like my pard again. It's nice to have him come to me when I call him, like he used to do.

We had some new volunteers out this past Saturday and Elizabeth Gebers, the Volunteer Coordinator, brought Sir out to the wash stall to show the newbies how to groom and bathe. Of course they all fell in love with my boy 😁
Before turning him out I went to go get his pal Cisco. They told me that he watched me walk away and that he kept staring at the corner of the barn as if looking for me. He was whinnying, I say for Cisco, but they said for me. LOL I will take it!
Afterwards Elizabeth introduced me to one of the ladies and told me that she bonded and fell in love with Sir. Something strange I noticed, I was not fearful of losing him as I would have been in the past before I owned him. I was just very proud.

The highlight of my week......was meeting this wonderful little 5 year old girl. Her name is Tՙea (pronounced Teya)
She is the Grandaughter of my friend Louise Abitbol. Her daughter Carinna and son in-law Mark came out for a couple of days R&R.

Tea with Lucy

At first she was shy and standoffish. But soon warmed up when she found out that she could ride the gator with me!

Even more so when she was allowed to drive!!!! LOL

What a smart and engaging young lady. She stole my heart. Helped with distributing the grain and hay buckets. She even helped gathering them up. Never once complained. I pulled 2 dollars out of my pocket and paid her for helping. She smiled from ear to ear.
I told her that I would introduce her to my 5 year old grandson Jackie 😉 She then told me that she had a boyfriend and was going to get married when they turned 7. What a cutie!

She rode a couple of the horses under grandma Louise's watchful eye and did great! She is a natural, great seat and posture! A future jumper maybe?
When it was time to go she gave me a big hug. She seemed sad to leave.
Hope to see you again "My Lil Friend"

Folks that is my week in a nutshell. I hope that yours was as good as mine.

Until next time


Sir's Human

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