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Forever Watching
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

So much has happened!! Good stuff!

Hi All

Well as you know from my last post I was heading out to the barn for a little while the Saturday that we were celebrating Jack's birthday.
I had won a mosaic table and chairs set on Max Sell for Lynn's Mothers Day gift. The location that I need to go pick it up was close to the barn so I figured I could go early to the barn, go pick it up, and go back to the barn before going to the party.

I noticed that I was getting strange looks from Laurel and Elizabeth, Marissa and others that were there. Pete arrived and agreed to take a ride with me to pick up the the table and chairs.
I had hoped to be back by 11 but the place was further than I thought.
On the way back Pete asked if we could stop at the feed store so he could get some treatment for Bullet's thrush. So we did.

We got back to the farm and I could see everyone gathered around the decorated picnic table. As I walked up to it everyone said surprise! and wished me a happy birthday.
I was surprised. There were all kinds of cakes and cookies and gifts!
A birthday cake which had a picture of  Sir and I on it......
Plus a shirt from Heather saying "Sir's Human"

Nicole made me my favorite cupcakes with horse faces on them! Plus I received a gift certificate to the feed store, Pete's homemade caramel popcorn, a gift basket, Rumchatta! and so much more.

But what really put me in shock was when Nicole went to get Sir to join the party. Laurel handed me a red NSHRS folder tied with a red bow. She told me that it was all the paperwork that I had wanted for Sir. His history, etc.
I opened it and found a card in it. Then other paperwork which I could not wrap my head around, I was so nervous. Then she said " You are now the proud owner of  a horse. Sir!" Then it all clicked! I saw the adoption application etc. I am not ashamed to say that I cried. This was a lifelong dream come true. Laurel and Tommy gifted him to me! No adoption fee, No board! He was mine.......Unbelievable! I am still getting used to the idea. 🙌
That was one of the happiest days of my life! Right there with my wedding day and the birth of my son!

A few days later I was informed that I won the JetBlue Volunteer of the Year Award for our Technical Operations department. I received a trophy and JetBlue will make a $1,000.00 donation to the rescue. I received a standing ovation at the awards dinner, which I did not attend. However, I did receive one at our Leadership Summit in Orlando.
There is a buzz now as many attendees are asking about the rescue. My manager, director, V.P., and others want to support North Shore Horse Rescue and Sanctuary!

Very exciting!

I will keep you all updated going forward!

Thanks as always for following us!

Until next time......

Frank.....Sir's Human

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